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Chivs86 Poetry: Ain't No killing me (Fallen Angel).

Updated on March 29, 2012

Ain't No Killing Me (Fallen Angel).

An angel -
I fell from the sky;
I came to earth -
on my way to hell;
But I didn't die,
I started living life
and I liked it,
got a feel for it -
I liked it living.
So now I'm here to stay,
and there ain't no killing me.


I won't die -
I got a life now that's real for me;
a reason
and how good it feels to breathe.
So now always from this day forth -
I will do more;
whatever I can do,
and i'll do anything for...

For all the people I live with
cos I want to make a difference,
physically - use the gift of my own,
abilities... as I live free,
and now that i'm here to stay -
there ain't no killing me.

The white I saw the light
I was right there inside,
but looking back at my life -
on the other side
I decided,
that I would be reunited,
one, once again
with the beings I sighted;

When I was divine,
up in the sky
So said my final goodbye's
to the almighty...
because looking back at my life
I had, well I liked it.
Exactly why then
I jumped from the height
to be reminded
again of how that it feels to breathe -
to live free
In this reality
like there ain't no killing me.


There ain't no killing me,
I've been to both heaven and hell,
and what I prefer - Is being here.
Though I might not be
as an entity that clear - to everybody
but still there ain't no stopping me.

Who if you haven't guessed yet
I'm not like anybody
I'm different in the way i'm living
I'm not dead, but yes you're close
If you haven't guessed yet then well I'm a ghost.


Back Story

Now I remember writing most of my poems; when it was, where it was and what inspired me. As for this piece I remember it being quite a mundane stage creatively when I would just force myself to write. It was of a time when I was trying to add more of a song type format to my poetry and to be honest it's only something that I've just finished because I thought it was Hub worthy. The concept is basically about an angel arriving in heaven and after looking down to remember his life on earth he decides to return. So not really about the common concept of an angel banished to become a demon, but more leaving out of free will.


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