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Chivs86 Poetry - At Our Best.

Updated on April 2, 2012


Chivs86 Poetry: At Our Best.

We was back then
much better than now.
I look back at how it was
and think, how?

Did we get to,
being at each others throats,
when once upon a time
we used to be quite close.

Back then,
all of them years ago,
but now we don't
even stop to say hello,
when we walk past
each other in the street
who would of ever thought
this is how things would be.

I don't what the problem is,
not even,
a nod for acknowledgement.

Odd but, somehow
I don't really know,
where feelings went,
why they didn't grow.

At our expense,
What happened to friends,
the good times we had
where have they all went.

Because I miss those times
when we were at our best
before adulthood raised up it's ugly head.



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