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Chivs86 Poetry: Baldock's Mysterious Garden

Updated on November 21, 2012

Baldock's Mysterious Garden

The gates open
to the eyes behold.
A mystery of our own time
has been shown.

In old Baldock,
where this garden grows -
but in our current time
it has been left for ghosts.
Untouched since the horse's rode
before the bus;
or the motor cars
on our roads become
the common transport,
for most of us -
when Victoria sat on the throne
in days known;
For invention
and even before then.
Looking through these large gates
you can't even begin -
to imagine...
the kind of things that happened here.
Maybe it's true vintage is the kind of ideas;
That you get when
walking down the long path
and see what this old garden has to offer.
In terms, of the history Inside,
well what you will find...
Is un-found,
worth every penny and pound.
An antique in its own right, standing sweet.
Standing still - when today has dropped its Anvil
In most places
something that's so amazing.
So Ancient, it would be hard to replace it
A window display of our darker ages.

This old garden is;
In the heart of Baldock. Mysterious.

Back Story/ Idea for Poem

Baldock's mysterious garden is a place in my home town of Baldock. A place I have been fascinated with ever since I first wondered into it. Located at 18a Whitehorse Street Baldock; it is a place where I believe used to be the Lady in the Lamp pub. Regardless though if it was or not after first visiting their I became fascinated by the idea of returning, especially after beginning to study Baldock's old pubs and getting into Photography. The problem was though after one day stumbling down it when it was open when I wanted to return it was closed. So basically in the end I had to settle up for a couple of grubby pic's from over the wall.

The day did come though when I see the place open again, unfortunately for me though I had my 2 year old niece with me so It was a bit inconvenient. So I didn't go in the garden that day either, but after going to the pub that night and after walking past the garden again that's when I decided to write this poem. As for the photo's I have had the chance to take them since - they are the one's posted above.


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    • chivs86 profile image

      chivs86 6 years ago from Baldock/ Letchworth, Hertfordshire. UK

      Yeah it's quite a cool place, but, finding it when it's open well, a dawn of a blue moon is similar in elusiveness. I wrote this poem because I see these gates open the other night, I planned to visit on my way back home but, by the time I got round to it, it was closed...

      I hope to visit again when I get the chance but, I'm not holding my breath, I know how rare occurrences like this are; So if you do come to Baldock and it is open, well than it's your lucky day.

    • Made profile image

      Madeleine Salin 6 years ago from Finland

      Interesting. The poem makes me want to visit Baldock's Mysterious Garden.