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Chivs86 Poetry: Beneath the Surface (Minotaur's Circus)

Updated on March 15, 2012

Beneath the Surface (Minotaur's Circus).

Down below -
in a place where nobody knows,
is a secret;
hidden away in the deepest,
Is a creature that's caved in,
a labyrinth,
of hidden mazes/
looking at the face of danger;
a route to go through with no escape.
a place where a monster lays in wait,
beneath the surface,
to eat the murdered..
Like cheese burgers,
a regular re-occurrence,
a place too dark to see -
out the curtains.
a place where evils lurking;
Dare you come on tour,
seek the disturbance;
A place of people hurting,
dare you be the main show -
at the the Minotaur's circus/
A freak show that's to be determined,
A head with two horns, with a taste for virgins;
Awaiting his prey to worm their way in,
Beneath the earth, into this secret world/
Too dark to see,
but you might have heard him,
anytime you've seen above the dirt shaking.
Making a sound inside your head
of a bull seeing red,
that's were the beast has been bred,
Underneath inside the Minotaur's nest/

Story/ Inspiration

I wrote this article as a poetry assignment for one of my writing websites, I decided to post it on here because of it's high ratings. My inspiration though I would of said was already dormant in my brain and manifested from my interest in greek mythology. I did at one stage consider the topic of middle earth but, as soon as the words started to flow I instantly knew I'd be writing about the labyrinth of the Minotaur and here it is. I added a little couple of lines on the end from the original but, I was editing it anyway and wanted to make it longer.


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