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Chivs86 Poetry - Class You're Dismissed (Everyone Except You).

Updated on July 22, 2012

Chivs86 Poetry -
Class You're Dismissed
(Everyone Except You).

The poor kid he didn't know-
why he did-
it for,
So when you said to him this -

"Class you're dismissed,
everyone except YOU,
please SIT".

Well he felt sick,
he knew what he did
but for a bit,
he thought
he got away with it.
So please understand why he feels upset.
and this is why he didn't attend your detention.

he thought he got with it
and it came as a shock this punishment,

So... please go easy on him
He promise's,
he'll never do this again.

Cause you stress
Drive you to Coffee & Cigarettes.

Flicking Ink out of his pen
Cutting a small length of your chair leg
so when you sit down,
you fall back and slip
and miss banging your head
by half an inch.

He say's he'll never do it again
Skiving off or Truanting
Ruining your favorite dress
but if he does remember he's just a kid
but if he does
Please lets us know
and we'll make sure
we cart him off to boarding school .



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