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Chivs86 Poetry: Don't Label Me.

Updated on March 5, 2012

Poetry: Don't Label Me.

Don't, because I already am,
When I was born
they gave me a name,
(a label).

But to some,
this ain't enough for them to say,
So they feel that they
have to describe me;
(Label me) .


Place me under a category,
Other than my age,
sex or family;

What further,
separate's me from the rest,
Pigeon holes, how I'm different;


So they can start calling me
this and that,
Make me feel like this ain't who I am;
(Give me a Label).

When as myself,
I feel I'm nothing more than a man,
But it obviously Isn't enough for them;
(If i'm without a Label).


So, they want to point out and say-

Look it him - he's not the same.

He's not like us - In any way.

So lets call him by another name.
(Label Me).


My Inspiration & Story.

I wrote this poem as an assignment for a website I contribute poetry and articles to. I wrote this today, but prior to this I hadn't really seen many poetry assignments that I was interested in. This one though stuck out like a sore thumb and when I began writing, the words just came straight to me. The style of the poem I would say is inspired by a poem I read by a local writer yesterday. The inspiration for the topic? well I've had to deal with people calling me names my whole life, as I am sure so has everyone else. So no big mystery there. Back to the poem though - I think it's a masterpiece, easy to understand, it's own tell tale imagery and in itself made not by the anxiety of some of my other pieces, but, the feeling to write by instinct.


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