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Chivs86 Poetry - Israelite's

Updated on October 22, 2012


'Israelite's' or are they wrong?
Which is the human's true religion?

Out of all the Ideal's and belief's -
which one if anyone should it be?
Is there one God or three?
Whatever it is well -
which should we believe?
That the world began
with Adam and Eve
or that we evolved
from Chimpanzee's?
In our creation,
who's responsible?
It's the greatest,
mystery of them all.

Though many claims lay
that care to explain -
How we got here,
in this present day.
Like did we grow from an egg or a seed?
Or an embryo out of the bottom of the sea?
Fall like an asteroid from out the sky -
as the offspring
of Mother Earth and Father Time?
What religion is right?
They say the Jew's
were the first one's to write.
But who were the first one's to see the height -
of a higher power -
divine beings in the sky?
To have a faith,
a safe religion,
but actually who created paganism?
And at what point,
back in the day's of cave dwelling
did we ever come up with the idea of a heaven?


Concept/ Back Story/ Idea.

When I started this poem I based it on a title of an assignment on my writing site. I can't remember what this title was called, but it was something about God/ religion. So I came up with the first line "Israelite's or are they wrong" which basically means to me is Judaism and the origins of Christianity the right religion. The Israelite's were of course "the chosen people of god in the Hebrew bible and as the Jewish lay claim to being the creators of religion, well the idea behind it is "are they right or are they wrong?". Were they the true messengers of god or fabricators of previous worship models?

My research for this poem, well for a little part of it anyway, was the myth's behind creationism, I got most my info for this from an article on Wikipedia. Other than this I read about Paganism and stone age religion, so quite a bit of reading was involved. The rest of it was really previous knowledge about topics like Judaism, Darwinism and Christianity.


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    • profile image

      jay 6 years ago

      best poem ever.if you dont become poet laureate in the near future nick hancock can trim the hair on my balls.