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Chivs86 Poetry-&-Lyrics- A Medusa without it

Updated on January 6, 2013

Chivs86 Poetry & Lyrics -
A Medusa Without it.

A Medusa without it.
You look like -
you could turn a man stone cold;
Still in shock.

You look like -
you could leave a man stuck,
with his eyes wide upon.

As he's stood there frozen,

but not before he takes
one last deep breath.

Like there won't be a next.

All in a split second -
as he stops to check you...
out in his astonishment.

He saw you,
and that's his punishment.

Because you can't live without it.

A mask that covers up
your appearance.

Them high heel shoes,
that french perfume
those designer clothes
and that pair of ear rings.

Because you can't live without it,

and even worse
you don't even want to be seen,

and Especially not by him.

So this is how the siren screams.

This is how the siren screams.
See her in the morning.
She don't want to be seen,
and if you do man
it ain't a pretty scene.

What hides beneath each
fine beauty queen.

Her true identity
which still this same girl finds is ugly,

and if this ugly face gets revealed -

She be staring back at you
with a look that could kill.

No clowning.
You'll make her look like a Medusa without it.

Either that or you'll reduce her to tears
Because she really ain't used to
how she should appear -

Before getting the chance
to look into the mirror.
The place where she can find it within.
The beauty that goes
about as deep as her skin.
So in the morning
you better leave her, for a bit.

No Clowning,

You'll make her look like a Medusa without it.

Idea and Inspiration.

Well I definately wrote this poem out of angst. Because I wanted to write a new poem. So basically with my pad handy I started writing about what they was talking about on TV, and that was girls/ women, using make up. Which actually is something I've thought about before. The effects vanity have on female characters. Which thinking about again I came with the concept of a woman being seen, first thing in the morning, with no make up. The look on her face. A kind of frowning sort of angry stare that could stop any man dead in his tracks. A bit like the gorgon out of Greek Mythology - Medusa. Who if you don't know was said to turn any man who looked at her in to stone, and that's basically it. That, and vanity.


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