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Chivs86-Poetry-&-Lyrics- In Limbo.

Updated on December 24, 2012

Chivs86 Poetry & Lyrics -
In Limbo.


Bending over backwards.
How low can you go.
In this game of limbo.
Would you steal from your own?

As a liar, cheat, and a theif.
that decieves.

How low can you steep?


Taking the food
out of the mouths
that need to eat.
Making their hard work.
Your own charity.

Prising away with your
Lies, Betrayal and Deceit,

How low can you steep?


Malice intent, and adultery.
Disgusting, and vulgar.
Being an ogre with your greed.

Ignorant, and selfish.
Towards those that are in need.

Blind to how a true
human being should be.

Without even a sense of dignity.
How low can you steep?


Like you'll always manage
to steep to a new low,
and If ain't one thing then it's another.

Where you be a bother.
Cause some sort of problem.
Like you don't know not how to be wrong'on

It's like you don't even know.
what you're playing for
in this game of limbo.

You just defy all disbelief.
How low can you steep?


Idea and Inspiration.

Ok, so i feel a bit wierd writing this, but nothing inspired me to write this poem. However the idea - it's basically about people steeping to new lows. And steeping even lower. Like the game of limbo where one must tilt theirself backwards underneath an elevated bar. With the winner being the one who steeps the lowest.

About how this poem came about though. It was actually an assignment I had on It wasn't very good (the original to be honest), and this one above. It was actually the poem I re-submitted, but because it was so different it wasn't accepted.

Their loss though is hubpages gain. I hope.


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