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Chivs86 Poetry/ Lyrics - To say It's all Okay, Of Course it Ain't.

Updated on April 2, 2012


God forbid it can,
happen to anyone.
The devil dont care
for any son
or daughter -
the pure torture -
Is never enough
(The waters all you see
and you've already sunk).

Already swum,
the whole length.
It's more than
your own strength.
Like a boulders
all you see
when you look over
you're own shoulder
a riding rollercoaster
tied to a rope
A knife in all you know.

Like it's all over,
the house you hads
had a bulldozer
Breaking windows
making holes
in your wall paper
through the roof
and door frame
They say It's all okay
but truth is
of course it ain't.



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