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Chivs86 Poetry-&-Lyrics - The Laughing Policeman.

Updated on November 6, 2012

Chivs86 Poetry-&-Lyrics -
The Laughing Policeman.

Smug as ever. The one you deteste.
It's never just
"Son, you're under arrest".
When you get done - he's the pest -
that can't leave it out -
without something at least said in jest.

Making a joke out of ev'rything.
No matter what sin it is that you commit,
because he is a comic, he likes to think,
and his audience is (If you're a convict) ...

You. So listen up very close,
and you might just hear -
some of his many jokes.
Whether it be directed or spoke -
behind your back.
One of his many gags.

What you'll notice is that -
he can't help it.
Standing there with his helmet.
Having a laugh at - your expense,
and even more
at the angrier you get.

Like you might just make his evening -
by giving him something to take as comedy -
back to the precinct. Where who should he see
a whole place that's filled up with -
like minded, who find it ...

Just as funny as him.
The antics of those - who getting nicked.
So all in attendance - what you can bet -
is they damn well do hope you do it again.

Something stupid for them,
to exploit.
Now who's a naughty boy?

You just need to give them a reason,
to be in -
deed the laughing policeman.

Idea & Inspiration

For this poem my inspiration was one of my last poems, which I will link to below. Tears of a Clown. Which I made on the idea of Clowns being generally sad at people laughing at them all the time. So taking something from that I got the thought that the police are actually quite humorous. Always making jokes about things. Whether it be the nature of their job, or something which is actually stupidly criminal. They're always finding something to laugh about, and that's why I wrote this poem.


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    • Matthew Weese profile image

      Matthew Weese 5 years ago from Auburn

      excellent sentiments exactly, only here in the states the police not only enjoy a good laugh but simultaneously (and hypocritically) like to offer sage advice of moral authority from on high. They laugh, then they preach....

    • heanders profile image

      heanders 5 years ago from USA

      Also the title of a mystery book made into a movie.