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Chivs86 Poetry: My Name's Justin and I'm an Alcoholic.

Updated on June 11, 2013


I'm on a collision course,
my inhibition's lost;
The money in my pocket -
got me sipping more.

Making me feel like
I'm sick to the bitter core.
I bet they never thought this
when they cut my umbilical cord...

That i would grow up -
and drink alcohol
walk home most night's drunk
'out of my skull'.

My mother's nice little son,
he would lose control
when I took my first drink -
I think I lost all hope.

The first time that I tried some...
and so many dumb things
that I've done since then.

I'm Justin,
don't do myself any justice,
and I'm an alcoholic
that's exposed to the public.

Throwing up sick all over the dustbin,
so forget about...
all of the drugs that I did
because alone
this drug is enough as it is...
and a skinful is imminent after a sip.

Why their saying that I'm selfish,

Cos I forget about,
all of my mounting debt's...
my wife and kids...
Like there's only one thing
that matters to me
and that be my life of sin -

that I begin -
to binge and binge,
till nothings left afterwards
to show for it.
Apart from that state that's never fit
like if i carry on
I won't have long left to live.

Making myself sick!
Acting like a right prick!
A cause for concern for
my family and friends.

cos i know
as well as them -
it won't be a pretty sight
if 'this' is how it ends.

(I'm in a mess no more
no more -
because i drunk myself to death!)

Like if you breathalyzed my breath
you would see -
that i ain't been sober since 13!

Original Idea/ Back story.

I came up with the idea for ('My name's Justin...) yesterday. Well to be honest it wasn't really an idea, but just something that came together. From seeing an assignment title on my writing site, of Poetry: Alcoholism, the line "I'm on a collision course" came to mind, and straight after "my inhibitions lost" and then the next two lines which just stuck out really. So basically It was just a matter of writing down while I still remembered it and thank god I did.

The concept of Justin the alcoholic came because I wanted to find a word that rhymed with dustbin. I didn't plan to keep it initially, but after writing the line "don't do myself any justice" after I decided to keep it and adopt it as my title.

My inspiration is from past experience, seeing the damage caused by drinking to myself and others and basically it all came quite naturally because of this. It weren't really a topic I thought about writing before, but now I think about it, it is something that has come across in my other work where I've channeled my depressions.


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