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Chivs86 Poetry - Omen of the Anfield Cat

Updated on March 18, 2012

Superstition who said it is irrelevant?
In our own day and age-
It just goes to say...
That It can be about absolutely everything.

Chivs86 Poetry - Omen of the Anfield Cat

Is this an omen?
Did the Anfield cat-
Have a hidden meaning at the football match?

Well only time will tell,
What does this mean for Liverpool?
Anything is believable,
A tabby cat in a dream is said to be;

Lucky for the home and all who live in,
Well isn't this here a mystic little thing/

Like the Muslim myth-
Where Mohammed was warned
Of a danger foreseen
by his tabby cat-
Who feel asleep on his sleeve;

Muezza was marked with three-

Lines on the back to represent this good deed.
Three lines that until this day are still seen-
On the cat's, like the cat,
That turned up in the middle of that football match.


Marked on the head with a mystic m.
So what does this mean now for Tottenham-
That the victories begin?
A sign of maybe something happening?

Will this mean maybe that the team wins?
Only time will what was meant,
When we saw our furry little friend
In the football game, between-
the Lily Whites Vs. the Reds.


Inspiration and Backstory

My original idea was just about doing a poem about the link between cats and superstition, a concept I've been interested in since hearing a story from a patient I was in hospital with. But, despite carrying this thought for a number of months, really I've only reignited this thought now from hearing this story about a pitch invasion of a tabby cat during a Tottenham VS. Liverpool football match.

It really though was the idea that with different fortunes being associated with cats, it could be a good sign for both the teams in question in a mystic kind of way.

Update 28/02/2012

OK so today I've edited this poem to make a more finished version. a.) because I thought some of it didn't quite rhyme and b.) I wanted to point out the fact that 5 or so weeks later Liverpool have won their first trophy in years and what a coincidence. As well this theirs the FA cup with both teams possible favorite's to win and then their's Spurs manager Harry Redknapp, the future manager of England? could it be that this share of good luck center's around him. Again it could all be quite interesting to find out, I knows it all superstition, but that to me's the best part about it.


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    • JamesPoppell profile image

      JamesPoppell 6 years ago

      Nice poetry. I also like the details you provided in the back story. Good job. Vote up.