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Chivs86 Poetry - Let him be. R.I.P 2Pac.

Updated on April 10, 2012

Chivs86 Poetry -
Let him Be - 2Pac R.I.P.

What happened to the rapper?

Did it really happen?

Is he dead like it's been said
or will we see him again?

Yes and no, or no and yes.
or how about no and no,
because what wouldn't make sense is...

Is if he's now filthy rich,
and milking it. Without the stress.
Of being famous.
Why would he trade it

because fans mostly are a pain in the ass.

So why would he want to come back -
because people are just a pain in the neck.

Haven't got no respect,

so if he is alive I say
give the man a rest.

Why be a pest?
Let him have his paradise.

He's done his service.

He shouldn't have to
continue working.

So I say rest in peace
and lets be happy
with his leftover recipes.


Original Idea/ Inspiration

My idea about writing this poem was just to let people know what I think about people claiming 2pac is still alive all over the internet. In my mind, Eminem for example, people say he's the best rapper, but just give him stick when he doesn't release any new music for a while. So if he killed his self tomorrow I kind of wouldn't blame him and if he faked his death I'd think if he can get away with it, fairplay. Back to 2pac though, I wouldn't say I believe he's still alive, well not completly, but if he is I am happy to just respect him for what he's done. If he's faked his death I would think it's because he had enough of ungrateful, insatiable fans who don't realise how people like him, eminem, dr dre, Jay-z or whoever are just human like everyone else. 


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