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Chivs86 Poetry - Shadow Man.

Updated on April 1, 2012

Chivs86 Poetry - Shadow Man.


I'm an opaque silhouette,
sitting on your bed,
while you try to sleep at night-
the creepiest creep you'll find.

I am what make's
your floorboards creak.
The freakiest freak, you'll see,
but i'm hard to believe in -

because most of the time
I'm hiding
only seen in a certain light.

Standing in your door way,
creeping down your hallway.
The thing what stops you thinking
it's all okay.

A darker shade than grey
and when the lights turn on
I fade away.
I am that crazy looking shape.

Alike the shape that follows you around.

I am the paranormal Shadow Man.


Original Idea/ Inspiration.

A couple of days ago, well actually yesterday in fact, I came across the topic of Shadow People after looking for a photo for my poem 'In the Shadows'. The phenomenon I found is one that only really has been brought to light through the increased use of the web, but one that has always been there. So today basically after reading several stories from the website I followed my heart and wrote about one of the most fascinating paranormal topics I have ever read. Who and what are Shadow People?


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    • chivs86 profile image

      chivs86 5 years ago from Baldock/ Letchworth, Hertfordshire. UK

      Thank you and sorry If this thought has scared you, but if it helps it has scared me a bit aswell.

    • chivs86 profile image

      chivs86 5 years ago from Baldock/ Letchworth, Hertfordshire. UK

      Glad to hear you liked it, and sorry I freaked you out, but I must admit I think I've freaked myself out a bit with all this talk of Shadows. Anyway though thank you for your comment I've found what you have to say very encouraging and I hope can keep you interested with my other work.

    • duffsmom profile image

      P. Thorpe Christiansen 5 years ago from Pacific Northwest, USA

      Okay you did it, you creeped me out. Don't think this won't cross my mind when I get up to use the bathroom in the dark tonight. Well done.

    • LadyGrinningSoul* profile image

      LadyGrinningSoul* 5 years ago

      Im so glad i read this but i also regret it! glad because of how much i liked it and regret because i wont sleep tonight imagining the shadow man haha. This is awesome i love how you have shown the inspiration with us so we can se the connections and links of where the thought came from, hope to read more soon and ill be check out your other hubs :) good work!