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Chivs86 Poetry: That's Life

Updated on April 12, 2012


Chivs86 Poetry -
That's Life

So get used to it,
each and everyday,
people come and go,
the ones we love and we know.

Like others we have about are on loan,
and nothing is guaranteed as we grow.

As vessels,
where we hide inside our souls.
Moments we share together will show,
In our memories,
mold the people we become,
Help us to find the people we love.

The ones,
that we feel like are part of us.
Why when there time is up it can hurt.
So much and be quite hard to understand
If today's good, will tomorrow be bad?

That's Something
we'll never know as human's.

If anything will go exactly to plan..
Or what cards are in our hands
Of our lifetimes but, we just got to deal with that

Because sometimes,
somethings can make us cry
or smile when the rain has gone
there's bright skies.
Whether we find our peace or we try,
to look for it,
In between with our dreams.

We all know realistically,
It's the same for all of us what we see.
Having a drink, trying to eat, to live
because If we didn't we wouldn't be living things.


Original idea/ Inspiration.

'That's Life' is a poem that I originally wrote for the website. It's name I assume was taken from the Frank Sinatra song of the same title. A song I quite grew to like in the past but, to be honest I wouldn't say it inspired me to write this piece. It's a funny one actually but, I'd say my inspiration was two other poems I wrote 'Strange Ol World' and 'Where Heaven Waits'. The result I reckon is quite a powerful piece and a good sign of my development over the years.

The poem though actually I would have to thank the character Carol Jackson out of the BBC1 show Eastender's for the line "Others we have are only on loan".


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