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Chivs86 Poetry - The Blind Vulture - They Never should of Trusted Him.

Updated on January 6, 2013

Chivs86 Poetry -
The Blind Vulture -
They Never Should of Trusted Him.
Inspired by

They trusted him.
Had a strange kind of love for him.
When he came that day,
they even welcomed him.
Even treated him like a friend,
and so he said -
that in return for being fed..
that he would protect.
Be there if he was needed
for their small little chicks.

Which some of them found
was a tad bit weird,
because this bird -
wasn't much like the other birds.


Which did -
make them a little skeptical at first,
but over time...
most of them had learned -
to trust this bird that little bit more.
Till that day came
they give it little else thought.
Like it was cool
to leave this bird
all alone with their small.


Who by, and which
in no way was cruel,
but had been seen mostly
in a different view -

for eating up dead animals,
because yes
this bird was a scavenger.

So you can just imagine,
what happened when

this bird was betrayed
by a feline friend.
Who somehow convinced him
he wasn't interested
in the poor little things
he'd sworn to protect.


and he never even noticed it -
through his blind sight.
His trust was benign,
to what this feline was really like.

Who only ever really
had one thing on his mind.



They'd left him
with a vulture that was blind,
and who probably -
wouldn't even notice it
when he lied about being nice.
His clever disguise -
To carry out his infanticide.

As he crept off
with one little bird at a time
till when they came back
he would be out of their sights.
Gone, and that whole time
that there's gone
they would of thought
that this vulture was alone.


Alone like he wanted it
from day one
when they found out
when they come home
and couldn't believe it
What had been done
by the one bird
that they thought they could trust.
He used their love
as a weakness,
like everything they did for him
must not have been enough
because he wouldn't have did
what they thought he done.


And he didn't get this very wrong (the cat)
it turned out he was right all along
because when that day had come
what become - of this poor vulture
is he was hung.

And for something he hadn't done
and although that he pleaded his innocence
and told them who it really was
it turned out
they thought he was an idiot.

To even think about trusting a cat
and if he did really
how stupid was that
but he wouldn't of
no way, could he
if that
he's only saying it
just to cover up his tracks.

So that coming from a vulture that was blinded
just made these birds brains
even more the mindless,
because what they thought were lies,
what they denied,
all the while
went without trial.

The vulture died
because they never could
trust his type.
So why oh why did they ever think
that they could trust him with their lives,

because they obviously couldn't
and this is why the blind vulture never got a look in,
and the cat he knew it
and this is how he had got away with it.

Because he knew that
they would all blame it
on the odd looking bird of prey
they lived with.

So some could say it's their own fault in a way.
Because they never should of left them alone in the first place,
and although the Vulture shouldn't have got the the blame
he was still a Vulture at the end of the day.
A carnivore that they left in charge of the fort
and most carnivores are like the cat of the same sort
who would of as well ate the little chicks up for lunch
so it makes sense that they should not of left him alone
and yes even though, he was innocent

They never should of trusted him.


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    • chivs86 profile image

      chivs86 5 years ago from Baldock/ Letchworth, Hertfordshire. UK

      Glad you like it i started writing it last night after I read your hub. So had a little while to write it, but thanks for commenting - I was a bit worried you wouldn't approve.

    • A_K profile image

      Ajit Kumar Jha 5 years ago from Delhi

      Amazing! I wonder how could you compose this brilliant piece within such a short span. Only moments ago you said you wanted to write a poem on this story.