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Chivs86 Poetry: What did we do? (Did we kill the Dodo).

Updated on November 21, 2012


What did we do?
(Did we kill the Dodo).

The Dodo
Is it our fault they're dead?

But what did we do though
that was so bad?

Are we the ones
responsible for their deaths -

When we stole
from the last living Dodo's nest?,
and Ate the last yolk from a Dodo egg?
Introduced the animals
that over stepped?

But will we see those again ?

We don't know yet.
What if we make the right DNA set,

and scientists will,
it will be a safe bet.
That one day they will
that's what to expect -

From Bio-tech,
the science that says
we might try again.

By Making up
for all of the sins that we did
with a bid to Resurrect all the dead -

and gone of our species.
Like all it takes is one mad genius,
to believe in it,
being possible
that one day
we might again see them live.

Animals that long since have been extinct,
because who knows
what our own futures will predict.
With great minds
that will only grow more clever with time?
Until the day comes
we once again see the life

that we all thought was dead
like the dodo bird>
and whatever next.


Back Story/ Idea.

The subject matter of this poem is of course the extinct Dodo bird of Maritius and the possibility of the species being brought back through genetic engineering. I made this poem after initially just the first line popped into my head, I put do though with dodo and I remembered reading an article about scientists reckoning that it was possible to duplicate the DNA of Wooly mammooths and manipulate elephant embryos for their proposed roles in playing god. So basically really just took this idea and applied to the Dodo bird.



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