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Chivs86 Poetry - Who is Reptor?

Updated on April 10, 2012


Chivs86 Poetry -
Who is Reptor?

He is the controller, of all things evil.

The snake in him,
is clear through the colour of his skin.

Olive Green, there is no love with this fiend.
Manipulative and mean are his qualities.

He has no heart in his schemes.
A cold blooded being. That no one is seeing.

He hate's the idea of our freedom.
The goverment are his medium's.
are we truly in control, what do you think?

If this being really exists, with green skin.

Overseeing us from across the stars.
Making us pawns for his supermarkets.

Putting a mask over our masters.
Like there ain't no-thing that matters about us.

His enslaved.
Drone's that aren't trained to think.

He is the overlord.
Reptor of the Draconian's.


Original Idea/ Inspiration.

My idea for this poem came after finding on the internet, several stories about Reptile Aliens. I wouldn't say it's something I believe in, but none the less amazing. How several believe that the world is controlled by a force of this nature. So "who is Reptor?" is about the monster of all monsters really. ´╗┐Scary if it's true, but if it isn't still as a methaphor I would say Reptor is someone we can all relate to.


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    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 5 years ago from United States

      Did you know that human brains are partially reptilian? Many have reported seeing and being visited bysuch reptilian creatures and were supposedly abducted by them. Some researcher think hat the reptilian E.T.s are the evil variety and that others may be more well intended in human relationships. All we can do is watch and wait to see what the future may tell and hope that these creatures will not prevail. I find it easy to conceive that there are good E.T.s and that they oversee all that would take place on this earth and keep the bad kinds at bay. There have been recorded battles in the skies in many countries, especially in India where carvings on wall have been placed as a record of such events. Who knows, our wildest dreams and imaginations may fall short of some things in reality. Only time will tell some of the truth to these mysteries.