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Chivs86 Poetry - Iron lady.

Updated on April 10, 2013

Chivs86 Poetry - Iron Lady.

‘The Iron Lady’
I was her baby,
in the 1980’s
but the way that she made me -
was immunised against the measles, and mumps.

Believe what you want, but what she did to him-
was evil and sick.
That demon of a B**ch -

had me branded from that day as Autistic.

That little boy with his ball that could catch was overnight-
a mistake of the Thatch…

The Thatcher administration!
administered me with drugs, that sure did change me.
Been called everything since -
‘Thick’ & ‘Crazy’
all because of that ‘Iron Lady’.

…and she ruled with an iron fist.

Now tell me cos i ain’t no scientist –

should have these drugs even of been getting the tick-
on the approval box?

or was this the crack rock -
…that america had?
A part in the same plan -

…to take more control of our minds, bodies, and souls?

There ain’t no ‘who knows?’ about it.
She made people like this,
and brought minorities in.

To divide, and conquer.
Well she sure reached her goal.

Robbed the miners of their coal. Had our industries sold-
cos she was cold,
and say what you like about the Falklands.
My bet is that she probably caused it.

Like the northern irish orphans.

What I think – my thoughts.
She was worse than Guy Falkes.

…but kind of the same, in an aspect
because just watch as people celebrate her death.

‘The Iron Lady’
Rest with this on your concious –
for the 80s.

Which was all good for watching the a-team,

but really in truth ‘what more can i say?’

My condition was her parting gift. The 1st-
Woman in charge of parliament,
and how sexist is this -
they haven’t give a woman ‘the job’ ever since.

But would of things been that much different

if someone else was put in her position.

Who knows?,
but if she wants my forgivness -
i say talk to the rest of Great Britain.

My thoughts & Inspiration.

Something i don't really want to share. I don't want people's pity, or anything like that. I haven't wrote this because i hate the said woman. I don't hate anybody, but building on my thoughts about conspiracy theories. Two phrases come to mind - 'Divide & Conquer' and 'Cause & Effect'.

The 1st.) Divide, and conquer. Well let's say a higher power wants to take control of us - it's like this - if every person of each different background united as one. We'd be harder to control, so thinking in the most sinister way - she was responsible for race riots, further separating the Irish as a whole, creating different working classes of people, and causing people (like myself) by 'tainted' vaccines to have mental disabilities. All to separate us further - into more controllable sections. I could go on - the way she changed policing attitudes, and closed down all the large mental asylums (broadmoor etc)

The 2nd.) Cause and effect. A sensitive subject - The falklands war. Could it have been that her government stirred this up in the first place? So when she got the army/ raf/ & navy to come and save the day' we'd then be in her good books. Thus voting her in for a 2nd term.

I mean it's hard to say really what i actually think of this woman. I could say she's this, or that, but i really don't think it matters what politicians we pick. They're all the same.

Anyway don't really want to write much more. This is way too personal for my liking this poem, but i shall finish this poem, with the closing statement;

To, Margaret Hilda Thatcher, Baroness Thatcher, LG, OM, PC, FRS (née Roberts, 13 October 1925 – 8 April 2013)

Rest with this on your Conscious!


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