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Chivs86Poetry - Grandfather Paradox.

Updated on December 25, 2012

I see this world
where you never existed.
I like to think now
how things could be different.

In a place I imagine,

without brothers, and sisters.
Having to fall in love,
and breed my own infants.

Work for a living when it is killing me.
Be willing to really survive
when all i see -
is a world where I don't really have a pot to pee.

A bad set of genes,
that make me hate my history.

So as I read this about - how that there's technology
to travel back in to the past, and kill everything -

that ever existed.
I think I want a shot
to make a Grandfather Paradox.

Get my Grandfather shot.

To turn back the hands
on the Grandfather clock.
So i was never locked up,
and demanded to be good.
When I was the product of a bad child hood.

Which makes me think
why do I have a family?
Who hate me,
when this is how that they made me.

To want a whole world here where they's never born.
Where my mum, dad, and all of their loved ones.
Were never even given the chance to be breathing.

Responsible for all of these personal demons.
The reason, why that so much has gone wrong.
In this swan song.

Why I want a paradox.

Time Travel. To try, and help to unravel
where it all went wrong then in the first place.

Or simply just so i can save myself the hassle.

and kill, my ancestor dead,
with a pistol.

Get my Grandfather shot! and create a grandfather Paradox!

Idea and Inspiration

Well to clear one thing up for a start. How I truly feel isn't my inspiration. That is quite the opposite. My inspiration is my love for history being one, Science two, and fascination three. The fascination being time travel. A Supposed photograph of a time traveller. Which was rhe original thing I wanted to write a poem about. Which led me to read the wikipedia article on time travel.

As for the idea it's a truly fictional one about the main character being fed up with life and travelling back to the past to kill one of the ancestors responsible for his/ her eventual birth.
A little disturbing but still incredible. A feeling I kind of wanted to pass on.


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    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 5 years ago from Minnesota

      Very intriguing piece and I too liked the explanation of how it was inspired. All families do have their demons.

    • chivs86 profile image

      chivs86 5 years ago from Baldock/ Letchworth, Hertfordshire. UK

      To AliceFSpencer: Thank you for commenting. glad u liked it.

    • AliceFSpencer profile image

      AliceFSpencer 5 years ago from Texas

      Chivs86 I'm glad this is a fictional piece it was great, I was thinking poor grand dad. Enjoyed the picture and the explanation at the end :)