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Chivs86 Poetry - The Land Of The Blind

Updated on February 27, 2015

Chivs86 Poetry -
The Land Of The Blind

This is sick!
All I keep on seeing is triple 6
the eye on the pyramid!

Peering at me,
but the feeling that I have
like I just have to live with it’
Is the thing making me flip..

- Driving me so crazy! -

Things that I see CONTAMINATED!


I used to have a favourite rapper named Jay-Z
but nowadays he's a disgrace to me.

Like many other artists in the industry
covert in their work for the illuminati

So now instead -
I’m searching for a replacement
but it seems to me though
real rappers are endangered!


Like everyone in entertainment,
They ain't who they say,
but really a stranger.

‘Puppets’ on the reins
of a much bigger player -
In a much bigger game,
that’s even more deranged.


Now where do I start?
Nothing is as it appears to us

When It seems to me that
the whole world is run...
by cause, and effect

A sick place
and we are its patients.
Under the control - of this organization
and just the thought of it
it just makes me sick,

because everywhere I go I see 6-6-6

In the land of the blind
the man with one eye is king
well I think
that the cyclops is...
the sole puppet master
because we are dim
to this idea of enlightenment!
that out there is the enlightened ones
that keep one eye watching over us

and the the thought of this
it just makes me sick
because everywhere I go I see 666

The Eye of Horus is a symbol of protection, royal power and good health.  Perhaps a bit of different meaning than most our used to, but anyway.
The Eye of Horus is a symbol of protection, royal power and good health. Perhaps a bit of different meaning than most our used to, but anyway.

Original Idea


“In the Land of the Blind the One-Eyed Man is the King”.

Or in it’s original Latin form;

[In regione caecorum rex est luscus.]

-Desiderius Erasmus

The title is based on the above saying really. A saying which basically means; that to the mass who don’t see what is happening all around them’ they are at a disadvantage to the one person who can see enough to know.

However, my twist on this saying is that the One-Eyed man is representative of 'the Illuminati secret society. The 'so called' group that by nature is supposed to have under it's control - various organisations, with a plot for global dominance.

A group that carries the symbol of 'the one eye of Horus'. Thus being where i got my name for this poem, 'the land of the blind' being the one's manipulated by this unknown entity.


As inspiration goes; I've been reading online, and watching various videos about this group 'the Illuminati'. The thing which got me onto the topic was watching the below video from the classic Disney cartoon 'Ducktales' after I see it posted on facebook.


About the video. Well if you watch it - there's like an optician chart, with letters in the background. Weird because quite rightly pointed out - if you watch it' you'll notice it reads out -ASK-ABOUT-ILLUMINATI-

Strange because this was way before the internet and all this talk of secret societies came about on various websites. It made me wonder really - what's the point? - it made me think was this to rub peoples noses in it? that this along with other symbols, signs meant that such thing might actually exist. Which I won't go into but I will post a link below.


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    • SkySlave profile image

      Skyler DeCristoforo 

      5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      This i really outgoing, Fantastic! No holding back, i truly appreciate that. Very interesting. Shining a light on what so many are unwilling to open their eyes to.


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