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Choices Can Bite

Updated on February 2, 2013
consequence from ashlee Source:
consequence from ashlee Source:
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Consequence from rwpike Source:
The Truth from KacyKrypton Source:
The Truth from KacyKrypton Source:
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Truth or Consequence from Christopherpics Source:

Choices Can Bite

By Tony DeLorger © 2013

Choices come and choices go,

but their consequences linger endlessly,

dependant on how deeply engrained the thought behind them

sways a mind to action.

No matter how free we think we are,

our biases run deep, carved in our very flesh,

in the darkest corners of our mind,

waiting for an open door to expression.

Freedom is what you have when the mind relents,

on all that it stores as experience, knowledge and belief,

each thought attached to the purse strings of probability,

ready to respond in a well-worn manner.

Choices then, are more based on our understanding,

of consequence, of assumptions based on experience,

rather than what that inner voice recites, what the heart reveals,

when we require movement.

There is no right or wrong, just the consequence,

and the opportunity of understanding it,

allowing life to guide the heart,

and no matter what ensues to accept in a positive way.

We are but a flicker of light in eternity,

and what matters has little to do with most of our aspirations,

rather it has to do with inner truth,

and the ability to recognise it and follow it despite the seduction of ego.


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