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Chrisciela's Poem Collection

Updated on April 12, 2016

Food for my Soul

His smile it never left my head.
His warmth I still feel on my bed.
His voice is music to my ears
I love to hear even through the years.

His love is like food for my soul,
Just like my favorite cinnamon roll.
His kisses always quench my thirst
Without him, my life will be a durst.

Dead End

The pain is beyond compare,
But how am I still living?
The love we used to share,
perhaps today is ending.
No trace of smile in your face,
Just memories that can't be erased,
Today we bow our heads in defeat,
For we are both now incomplete.

Happily Never After

"Forever was a lie" she said

as she shed her falling tears.

"I wish we haven't even met!"

She bargains after all those years.

She's under the five stages of grief

she can't contain her disbelief

that her fairytale was just a lie,

And he left without even saying goodbye.


Social Media Blues

I went to see your profile.

I can't help but to feel sad.

A part of me ain't fine,

for without me, you are glad.

How i wish I was the one,

who puts those smile on your face.

But what we had is long gone,

And I am left with all your traces.


Love and War

They both knew it was over.

But still they kept on fighting.

Kept holding to forever,

But to themselves they are just lying.

He raised his white flag in defeat.

She surrender and knelt down to her knees.

Both wounded and needed time to heal,

But pain is all that they can feel.


Him and Her

"Don't dare come close!" she said to him,

Still he dared to cross the border.

He held her in his warm embrace,

She started crying on his shoulder.

She knows no matter how she tries to resist,

she just can't get enough of this.

The feeling of being loved by him,

as if his love is just a dream.

He hugs her tight and kissed her lips

As if when he lets go,

She'll disappear upon his sight,

Where she goes? We don't know.

So to keep her by his side

He closed his eyes and held her tight.

For a moment like this is very rare,

Guess love really is unfair.


Four years, I have been high and low

With memories of you that show

On my mind through day and night

I can't tell if this is wrong or right.

In my dreams you never left

Bewildered as my mind could get.

My heart you left in such a mess,

and loving you again is what I request.

I'm haunted by the things you said.

Guess they never really left my head.

Just like a song stuck on repeat,

It's still your name that my heart beats.

Waiting in Vain

There's no good in waiting

It'll just break your heart.

When love isn't coming,

Love starts to break apart.

You start to feel alone,

as if everybody's gone.

Believe me when I say,

Waiting leaves your heart in vain.


He is a song I love to hear

A song that's on repeat.

His smiles are tones I'm bound to know,

That makes me skip a beat.

His voice is melody to my ears

The lyrics is his name.

He say's 'I Love You' as he sings

And then I'll hit replay.


Have you ever tasted something this sweet?

Like a ripe red cherry picked from a tree.

It's exquisite, delicious and a taste I'll won't forget.

Your kiss, your kiss is the jam to my bread.



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