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Christmas Poem

Updated on December 20, 2014

There the jingles again,

Hear the carols again,

Jesus Christ is here,

The newborn baby is born.

Shout and sing hosanna,

A melodious and joyous hosanna,

The king is here with us,

What a time of joy.

Hail the king of glory,

Take away your worry,

Like a beast he was killed,

He was a lamb for our transgression.

Erect your cone-shaped trees,

Alluring lights will breeze,

Then get gifts and go shopping,

And cook great for the feast.

The Reconciliation wind will blow,

And kin’s unity trends must flow,

For it is the spirit of Christmas,

Let’s have Christmas fun again.

Tell us what Christmas is to you.

How should Christmas be celebrated?

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    • profile image

      Nkinen DIvine 2 years ago

      Quite nourishing. Real food for the soul. Makes me Nostalgic for Christmas. Kodus