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Christian Longo 10: Dead Man Walking Chapter 10

Updated on August 4, 2021
Chuck Fasst profile image

Chuck Fasst is a concerned author who has become enlightened to the nationwide spread of Narcissism in our world. These are dangerous times.

There is a certain finality to Death Row. How does one describe it?

Lets take a little trip with a killer
Lets take a little trip with a killer | Source

Page 4

Christian Longo embarks upon his final trip up the coast line of Oregon. He is on his way to Lincoln City which will provide his final view of the Oregon coast. As he travels up Highway 101, he passes a Chinese restaurant. He wistfully remembers pulling into that one after a long and arduous trek across country from Ypsilanti Michigan. This Chinese restaurant I stopped at to bring a nicer meal than the fast food staple that we'd eaten for the entire week previous.

He notices several of the vacation property brokers I stopped at as they try to find a cheap place to stay. He notices a couple of pawn shops ... we stopped at to hock some of our wares for badly needed funds.He sees the turn off to the KOA campground that we spent our first night at.

By the time that we turned on the highway that headed away from the coast, I was on the verge of tears, thinking of what ifs, thinking about my family.This is where Longo attempts to use his powers of concentration to block out all memories connected from where he was just coming from. He will try to concentrate on the scenery in the last hour of his trip to the prison.

At last they had arrived.

The pain in my heart was quickly passed by that in my wrists. I was appreciative when we finally made our last turn, State Street in Salem on towards guard towers, high walls and coils of razor wire. I was home.

He described what he had been told he would find; old buildings, cell blocks up to four stories high with barred doors cinder block walls and cells crammed with personal effects collected through the course of the years. He expressed surprise at ...the numerous amenities were better than expectations. Baseball field, organized teams, basketball, handball courts, shuffleboard, horseshoes, miniature golf, large screen TVs, 70 channel cable systems, seemingly endless amounts of weights, food, and store options.

Page 5

Imagine yourself entering into this new world
Imagine yourself entering into this new world | Source

Page 5

Longo had heard that ... prison in Oregon was no Country Club, but it sure did seem like it looking in from a distance.

Then there was the downside. I would be a target for torpedoes those who wanted to make a name for themselves. He was thinking about how he had been advised to watch his back and to be the first one to swing.... Because chances are they'll stick you with a shank before you even think about defensive maneuvers.

He had been told that he would probably end up in the hold for a few months by swinging first but... It's better than a life-threatening knife wound. But his thoughts were not all doom and gloom.

I don't mean to make light of it, but I spent a lot of my time in County maintaining my physical and mental health in preparation for this inevitable life. I was somewhat prepared to do whatever I had to do to allow survival during those first months. He expanded a bit more on life in the General Population, which was not exactly where he was heading.

Page 6

Death Row: A quaint place with its amenities and its neighbors
Death Row: A quaint place with its amenities and its neighbors | Source

Page 6

Death Row was quite a bit different from the Gen Pop, from the little bit Longo had been told. Like one of the jurors had said, "We couldn't have him playing miniature Golf all day long."

You're watched like a hawk. Your amenities include a TV in your cell and you're allowed out of your cell once per day for 40 minutes as opposed to the 12 hours you're out in General Population.

Interestingly enough he pondered whether religious or psychological counseling would be there. But I know for a fact that everyone in my housing unit, my neighbors, would be the most violent, dangerous people incarcerated,.everyone around me was going to be a killer and there because they had a propensity towards killing.

He felt personally conflicted about living with psychopathic or sociopathic types including rapists and the general pit of society. As his entourage entered into the prison walls he thought of how he would now be ... counted amongst the psychopaths, etc. As one of them, he would be joining a group of Walking Dead Men. Death Row.

Page 7

Amazingly upbeat, considering where he is headed. Always the optimist
Amazingly upbeat, considering where he is headed. Always the optimist | Source

Page 7

As Longo entered through the gates of the prison he ruminated about not ever seeing the sights again, that he had just seen on the way. He pondered that he would never go through that prison gate again and that he would more than likely never ride in a car again.

Interestingly enough he states that he did not feel depressed, or sad, or feeling any self pity or anger. I was actually looking forward to what lay beneath the crumbling bricks and blocks that made up this antiquated building.

Our family moved a lot when I was growing up and there was always nervous excitement about stepping into our new house, or more poignant, a new school. Wondering if this time it will be better than the last. I suppose that I was feeling that same nervous excitement, wondering if this new living condition would be better for me than the last. If this new prison environment would be the controlled new start that was needed to straighten me out.

The building is indeed old as this pic from 1879 attests
The building is indeed old as this pic from 1879 attests | Source

Have spent the last several months thinking about the truth behind me as a person, what part of me was in bad need of repair, you want nothing more than to nail it down.

I was told by a judge that I would never be able to undo what I had done. Essentially that I was a lost cause that was only deserving of life with the immediate prospect of death. But if there was an opportunity to ever correct a course of conduct and make reparation and work towards repentance, it was this.

At this point, Longo seems quite contrite. He talks like he wants to make amends and to fix himself or maybe be fixed by someone else? We will now be able to see how he handled this in the coming years.

Walk into a strongly controlled environment with the knowledge that this was absolutely your last chance. All or nothing. I was determined to put this opportunity to good use and make it count. Maybe too late in the eyes of many and most certainly the eyes of the judge, but not in my eyes. Right now my eyes were looking at a depressingly dilapidated, well dilapidated is too strong. I'll just say old. I was walking into a very old building.

Page 8

Something old - something new. A new life for Longo awats
Something old - something new. A new life for Longo awats | Source

Page 8

Longo describes the accommodations as he enters inside of the prison building. We walked, I frog marched into a room that reminded me of an old DMV office, specially furnished with only industrial-style counters and filing cabinets with the exception of a padded kneeling stool like you'd find in a Catholic Church used to offer prayers and penitence.

Linebackers are telling me to kneel down making me feel like I was going directly to the execution stance. But to my relief, I was being released from my leg irons and shackles and prepared for the next step towards being institutionalized.

He then made his way up to the third level, to SMS which stands for special management unit. My new home, for now at least, was to be the psychiatric ward of the Oregon State Penitentiary.

He says he walked into the scene of this property room on Hill Street Blues. He was ushered through a barred swinging door, the kind that slams shut with a permanent sounding thunk.

Page 9

How many can say they have been through this? You might be amazed!
How many can say they have been through this? You might be amazed! | Source

Page 9

Longo was then escorted into a very small cell what he described as 5 by 9. He was accompanied by several members of what he called his goon squad. He had to step over the toilet so they could all fit in there.

The cramped sensation was quickly replaced by desperation when Bluto told me to get out of his jumpsuit and strip. So now I'm standing there stark naked with two gargantuans and a ward staff member who suddenly looking very homosexual to me, standing over and around me not seeming anxious enough to have me clothed again. It wasn't long that I started to be aware that everything that was taking place in this house of psychos was preordained to try to get some sort of reaction out of me.

If I had any craziness deep down inside of me somewhere, I felt that they were determined to draw it out of me. This was their first attempt at proving my insanity.

Page 10

Longo finally gets the chance to take a few breaths and asses his situation
Longo finally gets the chance to take a few breaths and asses his situation | Source

Page 10

Longo's goon squad had him stand there naked for an uncomfortable length of time before they put him through ... the same search and possible seizure motions that the big guys back at County did. It wouldn't have been so bad but due to lack of space to bend over I had to back up to potentially gay guy in a stress free moment. To top it off, once I was standing tall again, this flamer tosses a new Jump Suit just out of reach, so that I have to bend over again in order to cover up.

He goes on to say how he slipped into a big bird yellow jumpsuit as the goon squad squeezed their way out of his cell.... Leaving me to shake off what just took place until late the next challenge du jour. The door slid home with a thunk and I slid down to the so-called bed to close my eyes and rethink my prospects.

Eventually Longo gets up and takes a long hard look around his new environment. He takes note of all the security measures of which there are many; bars, cages, fences, razor wire and more. He comes to the conclusion that there is no escaping from here. These are his new digs.

A Note On A Napkin: Too much news in this town to deal with old news

My research in Newport back then did not always go so well
My research in Newport back then did not always go so well | Source

Conclusion of Part 1

So this concludes what he calls Part 1 of his story. There are plenty more pages but this must also be the conclusion, at least for now, of this long and arduous tale. For those of you who have stuck with it, I certainly hope you have been making your opinions be known and sharing your own knowledge in the comments below.

You see, here is the thing about the Narcissist: The essence of the Narcissist remains long after the physical body has left the room.

Many years have gone by since these awful murders. The victims may be long dead but the Narcissist remains very much alive and quite prolific for a man behind bars. Those of us who are familiar with his kind can easily understand this. Plenty has transpired and there is plenty more to tell. There is plenty more to tell of my personal story as well, as it relates to this saga.

I will continue to work on this story. In the future, the remaining letters and details will end up here. For the present I will be working on wrapping up the remainder of this story in a Kindle book; Too Dead Too Soon, available through Amazon, hopefully off in the future.

I don't know exactly how all the other crime writers do it. Truman Capote, after writing In Cold Blood once said, Once you look into the abyss the abyss looks back at you. I fully understand this and have felt this myself as I reach for the aspirin bottle while working on this. Ann Rule said she had a hard time with it after writing about Ted Bundy. But she got through it and went on to become a prolific writer of this genre. I wrote about Ted Bundy myself. But then - that was another story.

I will be unveiling my source, Sheena and all we were involved in ten years ago. Information exchanged during this time influenced me, on how I would go about writing the most difficult part of this story - how he went about murdering everyone. I took my best shot based upon what we knew. She has since revealed herself to the news media so there will be no more reason for anonymity. As it turns out she remained quite active with Longo throughout all these years and may still be involved with him in his current publishing efforts. And that is indeed yet another story.

In the course of pursuing this story, I was attacked and nearly beaten to death in a faraway place ten years ago and that may have been a result of this, in a twisted way. My life took another turn from there as I became a Seafarer and ended up circumnavigating the world twice in ships, planes, trains and automobiles. Some of those exploits were documented

Update: RIP Ann Rule

Since this was written, I am sad to report the passing of prolific crime writer Ann Rule. I met her once and have one of her signed books. Isn't it odd how she is gone now, yet when you pick up one of her books - she comes alive again.

This book goes back years and is a pioneer in the use of the creative non-fiction writing style. It is a chilling story

A Quick Prison Quiz

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Once Upon A Time

Mary Jane Irene Longo
Born 04/25/67
Dead at 34
Zachary Michael Longo
Born 02/28/97
Dead at 4
Sady Ann Longo
Born 04/03/98
Dead at 3
Madison Longo
Born 10/29/99
Dead at 2

The Longo Family

Comments are beneficial

It was malignant Narcissism that was at the core of these murders. That was the reason for this research. It is a continuing quest for the answers to the continuing spread of this disorder of the mind. If this concerns you - you should leave a comment so you may follow this Hub and participate in future updates and discussions. We need the participation to keep the search rankings up so others may find this. Just check in below and receive notifications

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