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Christine Feehan books – Great romantic, fantasy novels!

Updated on December 12, 2009

I recently started reading Christine Feehan books, and I love them. She has published over 40 novels now, including 4 series. All the series are fantasy, and mostly very romantic. Definitely something women would appreciate more then men.

I especially love the series on the Carpathians. This is an age old race. They live of blood, but never kill the people they drink from. They possess many supernatural powers, like talking to each other through their minds, transforming into animals, making people do what they want, and more. But their race is dying, and so the men are looking for women, their soul mates, to keep from going extinct. And of course they are hunted by people who think them to be vampires.

The Christine Feehan books are easy to read. They are usually just about one or a few of the Carpathians. But by reading all the books, you get to know more and more about all of them and about the Carpathian race in general. Since it is a series, I would recommend reading the books in order (Dark Prince being the first one). But this is not absolutely necessary, the books can also be read on their own.

They are exciting and thrilling, keeping you in suspense. There is always a romantic theme. With people falling in love and experiencing the difficulties that come with that. Carpathians find a soul mate for life. But when this is a human woman, that can be difficult. Than there is the always present danger of the vampire hunters, or the actual vampires (Carpathian males that have turned) who are hunting the true Carpathians.

The books are great for temporarily forgetting the world around you. They are an absolute must-read for every woman out there. You can recognize the Carpathian series by their book titles, the always start with the word ‘Dark’. So get them now on Amazon, or find them second-hand on Ebay!

Warning: once you start reading you won’t stop until you’ve finished all 40 books!


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    • profile image

      lynnechandler 8 years ago

      One of my favorite authors. Two thumbs up!