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Christmas Hiku thingy

Updated on March 17, 2011

What this is

Well back in 2007...? I think that was what it was... maybe... I am tired... might need to check that date. Um yea well got the choice of different extra credit things to do in English class that winter. One was writing a poem... I decided to write a haiku but... as all things I did it a bit different. Look below to see how.

My Christmas

It was past midnight

when I looked at the old clock.

Christmas Eve I thought.

I woke at eleven

had breakfast, got dressed and then

went shopping for fish.

Five fish of seven.

Two fish dishes left to find,

but found four for nine.

The fish dinner made

my mother cries out in joy.

My brother arrives.

The table is set.

The fishy food is displayed.

Christmas prayer is said.

The feast of food starts.

Only seven fish get made.

I eat one of each.

Everyone now rests

until time to give one gift.

Favorite tradition.

I get a nice book.

Dad a sweater, mom a hat.

My brother laptop.

Parents go to bed.

Brother sleeps in living room.

I stay up all night.

Eight till ten TV.

Midnight it is now Christmas.

Read books until dawn.

The sun starts to rise

on this wonderful Christmas.

I stand there is awe.

I wait an hour

then I wake up everyone

to open their gifts.

My Dad gets a mop,

and my mother gets more books.

They both get a hug.

I give Shaun some shirts.

He gives me his computer,

a shirt and a Wii.

He now gets a hug

a kiss my thanks and more thanks.

More gifts now opened.

We all have some fun

enjoy each others being there

and then have dinner.


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