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Christmas Poetic Potpourri Montage Collection

Updated on December 14, 2013

Oh sail, the midnight canvas of celestial Christmas, alight tranquil verse that will bring eternal peace.

In every decade, in every year, in every day, in every hour, in every minute that rotates seconds; poetry revolves around the evolution of rhyme, adrift the poetic rhythm dancing a smile in time.

Poems will be added till Christmas

A) Swinging Back In Time

B) Perfect Rose Blossom

C) Solitary Solar Sails

D) Vintage Bouquet

E) Awesmic Wave Sharing Universal Peace

F) Pristine Christmastime Peace De Resistance


Swinging Back In Time

Swinging back and forth adrift thought processes,

Shifting back aloft memories that share past tenses,

Tree swing rooted inside youth that is being reprocessed

Swaying in, to and fro reflections, upon swinging senses.

City resident coming back home, to quill within interior dwellings,

Where countryside serene mellow moods bare warm serenity.

Fluttering alight breeze in wild flower meadow balm in swelling

Tranquil heartbeats remembering that pleasant childhood amenity.

Innocence’s smile brings back jovial times cavorting barefoot free,

Meandering beside a creek, where a tree swings adrift gleeful sounds.

Fancy free splashing feet over embankments share daydreaming glee,

To look around, then strip quick to skinny dip with a dashing bound.

Heartbeats swinging in sync to merge mellow inside rhythmic rhyme

When souls congeal to tan warm in countryside harmony radiance.

Expelling aging negativity, with tranquil revitalized medicinal timing

That reincarnates memories that will swing forevermore in resonance.

David Lester Young (Franklin Doppelganger) 11/22 to 12/12/13 ©


Perfect Rose Blossom

One stands as this poet before you

Upon a stage that evolves full of life

With words flowing with conviction

In a world full of changing contradictions.

Personas strive for stages of pure perfection.

They seek success as an individual validation.

While failure builds up characters in imperfection,

That uses building blocks for personal redemption.

Poet are the most perfect rose with this flaw,

Where poetry is like Swiss cheese holy, to fall into.

When one person follows along trails of thoughts,

Another sees this quagmire path of poetic shards.

Most poets are the Devil advocate, not of evil,

But making readers open minds on trails less taken,

Where narrow minds become broad minded,

Liberal in that they then perceive things from all angles.

Poets are not dire dictators, but mental motivators,

They teach the wide diversity of the human language,

Where individual independence can then be attained,

When each reader becomes that perfect rose blossom.

For only then,

Can the poet

Wilt on years,

Full of tears

Being pressed

As a departing rose

Inside a Bible verse

Closed pages.

David Lester Young (Franklin Doppelganger) 11/03/13 ©


Solitary Solar Sail

Vagabond poet writing winds

Worn in grain engrained toes

Trails bare footprint chilled trials

Traversing celestial soul quivers

Awash serenading sound tides

Adrift night quill tranquil minds.

Inflective serene mood contemplation

Wanders adrift reflective meditation

Walking alone see shore terrain reception

Under starlight celestial ocean conceptions

Vibrating within a Uni-Verse dissertation

Solitary Solar Sail monologue composition.

Sitting thoughts dwelling inside harmonic

Breakers swelling aloft pulsating biorhythmic

Medicinal heartbeat healing nature diatonics

Soft surf musical cadences baring algorithmic

Deep depth solutions that bear introspection

Wave therapy in synchronization hydrodynamics.

Spread thy wings poet and write they verse

Adrift night’s silken sheets sparkling universe

Levitate the poet persona in night’s quill terse

To elevate the angelic aura higher to converse

Poetry to levels of pronounced disbursement

Spreading stanza Solitary Solar Sail traversals.

Sync the harmonicon reed into word vibrations

Itinerating aloud alliterated mental sensations

Narrative affirmative determinative penetration

That congeals mind, body in poetry gratification

In vocabulary vocalization language dissertations

In those vivid pinnacle power point presentations.

Oh poet, write the see shore of your soul existence

Quiver the poetic character in pronounced sentences.

Unshackle mind’s from imprisoned conformed tenses

Where We arise germinating civilization life force senses

In the Art of living free spirited in composing suspense

On Solitary Solar Sail roads less taken dispensations.

Solitary Solar Sail your mind

Upon uncharted wilderness of unknowns

Where the thrill twills alive verse


Solitary Solar Sails.

David Lester Young (Franklin Doppelganger) 11/03/13 ©


Vintage Bouquet

Wilt thou flower,

A Vintage Bouquet

Within your poet persona

That has weathered affluent -

Aging so majestic

Within a vintage bouquet,

Where writers wrinkle thoughts

That are set adrift poetic perfection

Sensing sensual solitude

In a rhyme wrapped package

Sharing a time warp peaceful presence.

Poetry’s wild flower blossom,

So pure inside the tranquil heart,

Where insight the quill harmony,

Heartbeats are set aflutter livid imagery

That alliterates alight the bright melody

Prancing in reflective reflections of lyrical

Compositions that composes a poet’s soul.

“To Be”

That inspired Free Spirited poet

That will take paths less taken,

Who will challenge the status quo

Within an inherited independence creed

That will never surrenders a poet’s Free Will,

But demonstrates the True Grit precision

Of power point penetration pronunciation

In the poetic mastery of vocal vocabulary

That makes vintage wine that savors poetry.

The greatest gift a poet has

Is to create seedlings

From within the mind

That transplant into readers

Where it germinates

To sprout creative roots

Within another generation

That with age with poetic pruning

Where they create another

Vintage bouquet.

David Lester Young (Franklin Doppelganger) 11/03/13 ©


Awesmic Wave Sharing Universal Peace

Upon this tranquil

Austin Pease Park land

Let us together embrace

To celebrate worldwide peace,

Where humanity’s heartbeats

Are synced with Earth’s harmony

In a melody of love

That germinates celestial tranquility

Within cerebral blessed souls.

Let us share,

This Austin Artmosphere treasure

Within Awesmic Peace Wave

In stellar harmonic proportions,

Where poetry, music

And the art of living reigns down,

To create this Austin unique

Creative persona spirit,

Where Austin neighbors

Hug one and then another,

Sharing a unique bond

Of tranquil universal understanding.

Share the Awesmic Blossom

Of Peace and Tranquility

That it may germinate

From this Austin Pease Park

Into a worldwide celebration

To celebrate peace and tranquility.

David Lester Young (Franklin Doppelganger) 12/12 to 12/13/13 ©


Pristine Christmastime Peace De Resistance

Crisp crystal snow blankets upon soft tranquil harmony,

Brisk fresh air breath whisks on countryside Christmastime

Serene scene calm contemplation among quiet reflections

Merging heartbeats adrift nature’s quill twill harmonics

The biorhythmic chill composition that bares poetry rhyme

Seasoning sharing celestial cerebral writing wing inflections.

Thermal cool chill, setting a soul’s fireplace mind ablaze

Embers sparking aloft sailing sounds blazing poetic trail lines,

Snaps upon crackling breeze bounds bearing dimensional verse

Dwelling heart of poetry’s girth spectrum dynamics that amazes

The genuflection of humanity by being blessed richly enshrined,

Surrounded by the miracle of creation blossoming within universe.

Kneel poet in the prayers of inner faith within spirited inspiration,

Wherein tempos words alliterate alight snow flakes swirling dances

Orchestrate a magical Christmastime symphony aura of poet cadences,

Where snow angel musicals harmonize the soul’s sensual affirmation.

We are God’s gifted seedlings that must blossom forth to enhance

Our unique persona’s in individual fruition baring personality credence’s.

Arise within the baptismal spring cleansing spirit of poetic validation,

Inflect the nails into pure depth, where words dig out diverse meanings.

That frigid flexible immovable movable abstract complexity of dexterity

That spreads the quill in every direction within comprehension dedication

That hurts so deep, one want to cry, then laugh aloud another meaning

To freeze imagery brittle within bone shattering sound shards of severity.

Jovial each edge then cuts a swath upon trails less taken in livid germination,

Oh God, We Are Poets that write winds needing personal poetic redemption.

We are never perfect pristine roses but these imperfect broad minded gem

Wild flowers of uniqueness weathering winter in poetic blanket aggregation

Of patch word quilts sown together in countryside Christmastime collections

Presents in a poet’s presence radiating the world in a poetic crème de la crème,

Tranquil Peace De Resistance.

David Lester Young (Franklin Doppelganger) 12/03/13 ©

Let my Uni-Verse dance with Christmas lights.
Let my Uni-Verse dance with Christmas lights. | Source
Sailing verse in an open mic venue.
Sailing verse in an open mic venue.


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    • davelyoung1 profile imageAUTHOR

      David Lester Young 

      5 years ago from Somewhere in America presently Austin TX

      Thanks Minnetona Twin and jhamann, I appreciate your comments, and Merry Christmas'

    • jhamann profile image

      Jamie Lee Hamann 

      5 years ago from Reno NV

      Merry Christmas! Thank you for your Holiday Cheer! Jamie

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 

      5 years ago from Minnesota

      This collection of poetry is exquisite and has lifted my spirits. Thanks for sharing :-)


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