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Christmas Wrapping Paper (That's What Love Is)

Updated on March 3, 2018
wrenchBiscuit profile image

wrenchBiscuit said: "Being born is the most severe form of suicide. Not ending in a moment. But one moment ending for a lifetime."

John Lennon was quite naive to suggest: "All You Need Is Love".That is a nice sentiment, but love is like Christmas wrapping paper. It always ends up ripped and torn, and thrown into the the trash. Yes, love is like Christmas wrapping paper all tied up with ribbons and bows. But love always gets cast aside, and at best becomes a faded memory. Ultimately ... love becomes nothing at all ... and all of nothing!

Did you ever love a dog, or a cat, or a cockatiel, or any kind of pet that didn't die? If they haven't died yet, I promise you they will. And of course ...

there is your wife or your husband
your mother and father and sisters and brothers
significant others
and your friends and relatives

If you live long enough you will get to watch every one of them die. And if you die first, then you get the deluxe bonus package. You get to say goodbye to everyone, and everything you love all at once! Are we having fun yet?

And what kind of a happy face can we put on the cold hard truth? Oh yes! Denial is king!

Jesus loves me
God loves me
I'm gonna grow up and go to college
We're gonna get married
I'm gonna have a career
We're gonna buy a nice house
We're gonna raise beautiful children

But no matter what we are gonna do, and no matter what great things we actually accomplish, there is no escape from the truth! And the truth is, love is like Christmas wrapping paper all tied up with ribbons and bows, but only for a fleeting moment.

And I am like King Midas, but only in reverse. Everything I touch begins to rust, then slowly falls apart. Everyone, and everything I have ever loved has always turned into a sad goodbye. And this will never change. Hello always leads to goodbye; sooner or later. So let's cut to the chase: I don't want to love you, and I am not going to love you. I don't care if you live or die. You are just a friend when I need a friend, or a lover when I need to get off. So let's just skip all the Lionel Ritchie and Barry Manilow songs!

Don't tell me you will love me forever because that is just a lie; a grand fiction created to pacify the weak. People don't live forever. Didn't you hear? Love is like Christmas wrapping paper. And Christmas is just another way of saying goodbye. I hate goodbye, I hate love, and I hate Christmas. John Lennon said "All you need is love!" But all I got is a heart full, a head full, and a handful of love that only makes me hate this world even more. No! it's not love that I need. What I need ... is a way out of here!


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    • wrenchBiscuit profile imageAUTHOR

      Ronnie wrenchBiscuit 

      9 months ago

      I apologize for being late. I haven't been here in a while. Thank you for your thoughtful response! I can relate to much of what you are saying. However, I must inform that my reference to John Lennon was for the purpose of illustrating the point I was making, and to also add some drama. I have always highly regarded his talent and vision. And your comment about Lennon getting lucky with love is ironic considering my perspective.

      I was born an orphan. But I only remained so for two weeks.I was claimed by an older couple that provided me with everything: Love, money, and lots of happy memories. Although they were not millionaires, I grew up in the lap of luxury. I am also good looking, healthy, and have a friendly personality. As a result, I have always had girlfriends; sometines too many! I have also had as many men friends as I could stand, but I never cared much for men, as I find them to be arrogant and boring as a rule. It is good that I am not gay, as I would be living quite a lonely life!

      In other words, my life has been full of love and good fortune since the day I was born. And that creates a problem for which in life there is no remedy. Without love, a person will feel sad and neglected. Each day they will experience the pain and the torment of being alone. But we who have found love in abundance must also suffer. And sometimes I feel our suffering may be even greater. We must suffer the pain of letting go and remembering. Everything and everyone I have ever loved has died and turned to dust. Love has come to slay us from either direction, and there is no escape. With my poem I have tempered John Lennon's wonderful idealistic "All You Need Is Love" with a more realistic " All I Need Is To Get The Hell Out of Here". And believe it or not, today I am feeling kinda upbeat and positive.

    • Missy Smith profile image

      Missy Smith 

      10 months ago from Florida

      I get it! I feel the same way at times. I have had so many loved ones die in front of me. It keeps me scared, to be honest. I don't try hard to have relationships anymore, because, they too, have all died in harsh and hurtful ways.

      I get it. I get the way you feel. I try not to blame whatever high power is out there, but the truth is - I don't always believe there is a God. My life has been so uneasy and unfair that to believe in a god totally, would just make me feel stupid.

      This life is extremely hard. Unfortunately, it is harder on some of us than others. I get it! I am one of those people who has found the kind of bad luck you describe in this piece. However, I think I have found a new perception of the pain than you. I should say, most of the time I find a different mindset than wanting to leave, but wanting to just leave does plague me like an alcoholic addiction. It hopes to take me over sometimes. Sometimes, I can't bury it, and I vent just like this. I find it helps a little, and I hope that writing this out has helped you a little.

      You know what I think? I think; like me, you are a John Lennon fan, because he was someone with your views. However, you get angry at his words. He got lucky with love - that's all. Even so, to recite the words he did, he had to have felt deep sorrow before. He was right, you know...All you do need is love. Love comes in many different ways. John Lennon was giving love through his music and lyrics. He was expanding the view of love. That's why you like him. That's why I like him. :) Deep down, I bet you know that.

      I feel that you do care and want to love, but sometimes the desire fades as it hasn't brought you anything but hurt. I GET IT! You are not alone in this world. We are a silent group most of the time, but others who will understand your words and feelings are out there - believe me...

      Don't go out of this world giving up; go out of this world a fighter.

      I hope others just like you and I see your article, and I hope they say these three words - I GET IT. That way you will know, at least, that you are not alone in this great big world.


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