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Christopher's Diary: Echoes of a Dollanganger- A Book Review

Updated on January 3, 2016

Christopher's Diary

Book #1 of 2016
Book #1 of 2016 | Source

3 Star Review

This book picks up after the first diary where we were left on a cliffhanger of Kane and Kristen going up to the attic and read Chris' diary as they pretended to be Chris and Cathy, two siblings who were locked up in an attic in Foxworth Mansion.

We are lead to believe that the two teenagers soon pick up the personas of Chris and Cathy, almost to the point where Kristen sometimes feel that their own lives are being taken over by the Foxworth children.

The most action in this book was sadly between Kane and Kristen which I found rather boring at times. It seemed that all Kane really wanted was to sleep with Kristen, which in the end she foolishly gives in to.

The most exciting part of the book was the ending if you ask me with the twist (Don't want to give away the ending). As well as being glad the book was finally over. The book concentrated more on Kane and Kristen rather than Chris' diary. I personally would've rather read more of the diary than to go into the action parts of Kane and Kristen.

The ending was the best part of the book in my opinion. It wasn't too surprising but at the same time, it was happy to see that outcome.

Kane and Kristen were the main characters who I found to be very boring and full of themselves. Kane didn't care if Kristen felt like not reading the diary anymore. He did want he could to pressure her things she didn't want to do. I think in the end that's why she slept with him, because she knew that was what he wanted. She didn't seem to have a mind of her own when he was involved. The Foxworth children in the diary were far more interesting than they were.

This book could've been better if the writer had written more about the diary and had us go more in depth with the diary.

The Foxworth children endured such abuse that you really felt for them while you read the words in Chris' diary. Why not show more into that? Kane and Kristen seemed to make it like it was some kind of joke what they went through when they would dress up and pretend to be them as they read the diary.

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