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Church Librarian Recommends Great Christian Books

Updated on January 30, 2021
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Kimberly is a self-professed bibliophile who has loves to teach and write.


Five Great Nonfiction Books

I read two to four books in a typical week--mostly nonfiction. Among the books I've read from Christian publishers or with Christian themes in the past year or two, these are five I would heartily recommend to any reader.

Bloodlines by John Piper was recommended to me through a video. Although I seldom buy new hardbacks at full retail price, I could not wait to read this and went to Barnes & Noble as quickly as possible. John Piper dares to lay out the facts about racism in the American church based on: his experience growing up surrounded by racism, his study of the Scriptures and his experiences as pastor of a multiracial church. After devouring this book I passed it on to my son and his wife. I also purchased a copy for my church's library.

Do not expect to feel comfortable while reading this book. There is much food for thought in this important work by a prolific author. Expect to be challenged ant to emerge a better person for having read Bloodlines.

Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris was sent to me free for review by Waterbrook-Multonomah publishers. I can honestly say it was good enough that I would have spent money on it--and in fact did buy a hardback copy for my church library. Harris presents fundamentals of theology in a winsome and highly readable text. I appreciate what he calls "humble orthodoxy"-- knowing the truth without using it to beat people up! Read more about Dug Down Deep on my blog. This would be an excellent study for high school students and adults alike.

God's Secretaries by Adam Nicolson was a book I sought after reading an article by Christopher Hitchens about the influence of the King James Bible on the English language and culture. Nicolson takes the reader through the entire process of producing the King James Version, from the ascension of James to the throne of England to the printing and distribution of the Bible. He includes biographical information on each of the translators and plenty of references for those who want to do more research. I got this book through PaperbackSwap--what a bargain!

Fierce Beauty by Kim Meeder is a breath of fresh air for women who are tired of the Disney Princess, Barbie, and trashy music video views of womanhood. Meeder survived the tragic death of her parents and survived many extreme outdoor sporting experiences. She also helps rehabilitate injured, abused and neglected children and animals on a ranch she operates with her husband.

Kim Meeder describes a Christian life much richer and more fulfilling than the shallow life embraced by modern western culture—a life where women become beautiful by embracing their identity in Christ and fighting for what is true and good. Instead of entitled, prissy, bossy princesses with cosmetics and fashion, we see a warrior princess caring for hurting people and fighting to free them from the lies that keep them down. Yes, I am excited about this book! Read more and download the first chapter to see for yourself just why I'm so excited. This was also sent to me free for review by Waterbrook-Multonomah publishers.

John Piper on Racism among Christians

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What's So Great About Christianity? by Dinesh D'Souza is a book that is both scholarly and accessible. D'Souza has debated the atheist Christopher Hitchens. He has written many books from a libertarian/conservative perspective. This book tackles topics such as: the theological roots of science, the spiritual basis for limited government, and the limits of human reason. D'Souza treats his philosophical opponents respectfully and provides plenty of scholarly references to back up his arguments.

I do differ with him on some of his opinions about origins, e.g. he does not answer the question of how death could have occurred before the Fall—a major problem theologically. However, I heartily recommend this book to anyone who takes his/her faith (or lack of faith) seriously and wants to better understand the major arguments on both sides of the Christian v. atheist debate. Even those who are not Christian should understand the contributions Biblical Christianity has made to the world.


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