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Cinderella Character Analysis

Updated on August 17, 2019

Character Representations

Cinderella - Purity

Mother - Religion

Father - Ignorance

Stepmother - Evil

Stepsisters - Followers of evil, pride

Prince - Heaven

Two Doves - Justice


Cinderella is purity because she is untouched by sin; she is void of all negativity.

Her mother is religion because she helps guide Cinderella through life to the otherwise impossible to attain: heaven.

Cinderella's father is ignorant and, frankly, an unfeeling man because he is passive, not wanting to see the situation around him. He allows Cinderella to be mistreated and abused while he treats his stepchildren so grandly.

Cinderella's stepmother represents evil because she believes the way to attain success is through cunning, lying, cheating, and stealing. She is also very vain, selfish, and egotistical.

Cinderella's stepsisters believe everything their mother says. They are her followers but not necessarily evil themselves. Had they been raised by a more virtuous mother, they might have made better choices. They did not, however. They followed where their mother led, and let pride dominate their choices and world views.

The prince represents heaven because he is what everyone in the story is hoping to attain.

The doves represent justice because when goodness has been displayed, they deliver the reward. When evil has been enacted, they deliver the punishment. In both instances, they are administering justice.

Story Summary

Purity (Cinderella) is left alone int he world after her mother's death. The pain cased by her mother's death is great. When it would seem she had endured enough, her father remarries and she is left in the merciless hands of Evil (her stepmother).

Purity is given no reward for her goodness. Instead, she is treated with less respect than the lowliest servant. She sees the followers of Evil (her stepsisters) with all the things she might want. They try to convince her that she is worthless and should stop trying so hard to be good. Instead of letting herself be influenced, she is faithful to her nature. She is obedient, steadfast, and true to her religion.

When it comes time for the followers of Evil and Purity to be judged, Purity has her Religion (her mother) to help her achieve heaven (the Prince). Everything Purity asks for is freely given because of her faithfulness.

The followers of Evil try to imitate Purity. In order to fit into Purity's shoes, one cuts off her big toes and the other cuts off her heels, believing that if they cut off the parts of themselves that they see as unacceptable they can ignore years of malicious thoughts and actions, becoming acceptable to heaven - But heaven accepts no impostors.

Still hoping to gain from the work of others, to sneak their way into heaven, the followers of Evil try to reconcile themselves with Purity. Justice will not allow it. The followers of Evil have their eyes poked out and all that they value taken away.

The final moral of the story seems to be: The things of the world can be taken away, but heaven is forever.

How I See it Now

If I were writing this assignment today, I am not sure I would draw the same parallels. I do enjoy thinking about this, however, and I hope someone else can get a chuckle from this like I did.

I realize that religious references are no longer in style, but I am a religious person and I see no reason to apologize for it. Additionally, the Grimm stories were collected in a time when the majority of people included religion in their world view, and therefore, this analysis might be correct - and it might not! I don't think I did any research at all when writing it, other than reading the original Grimm version of the story.

Until next time...

© 2019 Michelle Ouzts


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