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Cinderella Dressed In Black Online Script Writing

Updated on November 30, 2010

Cinderella Dressed In Black A Childs Writing


When I was younger, I looked into online script writing courses but being that I was only about eight years old when I first tried my hand at writing stage plays and scripts I didn’t take it too seriously. 

Writing was a hobby of mine at the age of eight but became a passion as I grew older. I knew whatever I did in life when I grew up had to involve writing and my creativity, I guess that’s why my parents started copyrighting my writings at that time.

The following that you’re going to be reading is a script I wrote when I was just ten years old. It’s called “Cinderella Dressed In Black” yeah I was into fairytales back then so sue me, but my twist made for a great story so let me know what you think of it when you’re done reading.

The screenplay hasn’t been touched up or anything, it’s the same way I left it when I wrote it at that age, as you can see I was developing my talent even then.

Cinderella Dressed In Black Script Part 1


                  Cinderella Dressed In Black

Fade In

Ext. Prison-Day-Establishing-Stock (?)

Int. Private Room-Day

Reporters Tyra Scott and Phil Johns are interviewing teen inmate CINDERELLA NICKENS

“Insert” – Reporter presses record on tape recorder


Okay Cinderella, We want the whole story of who you are, what got you to this point and anything else you feel like sharing.



My names Cinderella Nickens, I’m seventeen and from a small town called Aden. I guess I just wanted my life to be fairytale like but without the evil stepsisters of course, my three brothers Peter, Andrew and Ace made up for them. Both of my parents are psychiatrists so if anything is really wrong with me you’d think they would’ve seen it ahead of time. Everyone knows that in the fairytale Cinderella gets the prince and lives happily ever after, but some fairytales are based on lies, big lies.


We see normal playground behavior as we close in on a group of three girls. We see a young ASHLEY, KAITLYN, and CINDERELLA


(Half Smiling)

Hey Cinderella, you think Devin’s cute?


(Big Smile)

Way cute! About the cutest boy in the whole school cute.


(Devious Smile)

Why don’t you go over n say hi?


Yeah go make conversation. I think he likes you anyway.



No, I mean, what would I say after hi? Besides he looks kind of busy with his friends and all.


What are you scared of boys Cinderella?


No, she’s just scared of Devin Ash.


That’s crazy talk you two.


Then prove it. Right now prove it


Yeah show us you’re not afraid.


Fine I will, I’ll show you!

CINDERELLA starts the slow walk that seems like forever towards Devin who’s with friends JOSH and ANDY upon her arrival.


This is how it started. I’d had a major crush on Devin for a long time so I let my so called friends talk me into what would turn out to be disaster one.

CINDERELLA now nervously stands in front of DEVIN as his friends look on.



Devin can I talk to you for a sec?


Do I even know you?

The Introduction that leads to disaster



Not really, I’m Cinderella.


Cinder what?




Oh, like in the fairytale?


Yeah, you could say that


Why do you want to talk to me?


Could you like send your friends away first so I can tell you?


I could, but they might not want to go, leading to broken friendships and for what reason?


Well can you ask them away so we can talk? It’s kind of personal.



Sure! Josh, Andy can you give us some space?

JOSH and ANDY start walking away laughing and snickering comments


Let’s give Devin some alone time with his girlfriend.


Those words were like heaven to my ears until…….


(Angrily shouting)

Very funny, I don’t even like Cinder face, I like Ashley. Ashley’s blonde, beautiful, doesn’t even have a big gap in her mouth and…..

DEVINS interrupted by CINDERELLA whose feelings are really hurt


I get the point Devin

CINDERELLA starts walking away then she trips from her untied shoe string landing mouth in dirt on the ground as everyone in the playground looks on laughing.


So embarrassed Devin had downed me in front of everyone, but even more because I tripped over my own shoe string I still looked to the positive in the situation. Once I lost the gap n dyed my hair blond we’d have a chance.

Things didn’t exactly go as planned when the high school years came around. I’d done the dyed hair, lost the gap but I wasn’t popular enough it seemed because Devin still preferred to be with Ashley. Still set on me and Devin becoming a couple by high school, I prayed he’d come to his senses.






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