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Cinderella's Terrible Fella: Wedding Night

Updated on September 7, 2012

The slipper fit. Cinderella and Prince Charming were to be married and music flowed through the streets instead the usual sea of rats scuttling down the road. The Prince spared no expense and bought Cinderella one of those really pretty but also really superfluous wedding dresses that was white and frothy, with rhinestones sewn in and glitter and lace. Cinderella personally thought his taste was a bit gaudy, but she bit her tongue because she loved him anyway, right?

The wedding was a huge deal. Everyone in the land was invited, as Cinderella insisted. The Prince was a bit hesitant to allow peasants and street urchins into his palace, as they were prone to steal things, but let it slide because he loved Cinderella. There was a huge amount of food and the Prince made sure that all his servants and slaves scrub Orange Glow all over the place to make that baby shine. He wanted everyone to see how awesome the palace was, and since most people are like magpies, he figured the shine would attract them.

At the wedding afterparty the Prince and Cinderella danced the night away. At one point in the night the Prince got a little fresh, if you know what I mean, and Cinderella thought it was disgraceful, but let it slide because she loved the Prince.

And their wedding night was superb, no expense spared. The details, I wont go into. The next day, however:

"So, uh, we haven't really spoken that much since I put that slipper on your foot. You... like music?"


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