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Cindy Is Pregnant

Updated on September 15, 2015

The blame game

“Tom, we need to talk,” Grace said as she sat next to him in the sofa.

Tom turned and saw his wife’s worried face. He reached for the remote and switched the TV off. “This is a rerun anyway. What’s wrong?”

“You remember the other day when I told you Cindy might be sick?”

“Hmm… yes… you said she’s bloating or something… I joked that she might be pregnant…” He laughed.

“Umm… I took her for check-up this morning.”

“And by the look on your face, I’d say the result is not that good.”


“What’s wrong with her?”

“Cindy is pregnant,” Grace said under her breath.

“Malignant?” Tom was horrified.

“Cindy is pregnant!”

“What? How could she be pregnant?”

“I’m guessing she and her boyfriend had…”

“Grace… this is not a joke!”

“Tom… relax.”

“Relax! How can I relax?” Tom stood up. “Cindy is pregnant!” He kicked the sofa. “Did you know she has a boyfriend? Did you just let her go wandering around with him?”

“Are you blaming me?”

“You are supposed to be with her the whole day. Who am I supposed to blame?”

“Tom… are you insinuating that I do nothing the whole day? For your information, between the house work and a crawling baby, I can no longer keep an eye on Cindy. I can’t believe I get blamed for this! You are not around for Cindy, either!”

“That’s because I work the whole day at the office… so I can provide you with the lifestyle that you are accustomed to.”

Grace stood up. “Are you resenting me somehow, Tom?” Her voice quivered as she walked away.

“Oh, come on, Grace… I did not mean that….” He said as he followed her to the bedroom.

She stood by the dresser. “When we decided to have Cindy, we both knew the huge responsibility attached to having her. Remember, I was hesitant? But you promised you would take full responsibility but many times I am left to fend for her myself. There’s that time when I had to leave a party to take Cindy to the doctor because she was sick…”

“That was the time you took her to your friend’s birthday party and she had food poisoning,” Tom answered calmly. “I believe you forgot she was with you and she ate everything in sight.”

“There you go again blaming me…” Her agitation was rising.

“Grace, Honey… why are we having this conversation? Let us focus on the problem. Cindy is pregnant. Do you or do you not know who did this to her?”

“How can I possibly know?” she wailed.

“Okey, Okey… there’s no need to be hysterical…”

Grace was silent, then asked calmly. “What are we going to do now?”

Who is the Father?

“We need to know who the father is… I hope he’s not some bum she met on the street…” Tom was trying to control his rage.

“I don’t think Cindy would do that. She is classy enough to hook up with some street waif...” she stopped when she saw the angry expression on her husband’s face. “Poor Cindy…. I hope she’s in love with the father…”

“Grace… I don’t think that even matters now… what’s wrong with you?”

“Tom… she’s pregnant and there’s nothing we could do about it! At least I would feel better if she loved the father…” Grace paused. “Oh-oh… come to think of it, I might know who the father is…”

“Ha-ha-ha! That’s funny, Grace… Now you are telling me you might know the father… after all the hysterics and the drama.”

“I just remembered what Mrs. Carson from across the street told me several weeks ago…”

Tom sighed and waited for his wife to continue.

“We were in the grocery store when she told me that she found Cindy in Mr. Smith’s house one night…”

“Cindy spent a night in Mr. Smith’s house! How can that be?”

“I don’t know! She must have slipped out without my knowledge…”

“This is a disgrace…! I hate that man. Do you remember how he just stood there laughing when that no-breeding dog of his jumped on me with muddy paws. What’s his name?”

“David… David Smith.”

“No! The dog that is as uncouth as his master…”

“Rover…. he’s a nice dog actually… American Nikita…”

“I don’t care what breed he is…. I don’t want Cindy to be a part of that family… I can’t believe this! Our arrogant neighbor…! How could she have escaped your watchful eye?”

Grace turned and faced her husband, “Tom, I am giving you one last chance to stop blaming me. It is bad enough that I feel guilty about this…”

“I’m not blaming you….”

“Really?” She mimicked her husband. “How could she have escaped your watchful eye?”

“First of all, I don’t talk that way… Second, how can this happen to her? I gave Cindy the best of everything… good food, nice house.” He started to pace but abruptly stopped. “She’s not going through with this… I will do something about this!”

“Tom, there’s nothing we could do. She’s pregnant…”

“There is something I could do, Grace… I know a doctor….”

“Tom! Are you suggesting….?”

“It’s the only way… I cannot allow Cindy to go through with this… no way!”

“But we are talking about life here, Tom.”

“What do you want me to do? Cindy is too young to be a mother…” Tom paced again and started massaging his temples.

“Tom, I know how much you love Cindy but does that justify what you are thinking?”

“Do you want to be saddled with more mouths to feed around here? You said yourself that your hands are full around the house and the baby. Can you handle more little feet running around the house?”

Grace thought for a moment and sighed. “I don’t think I can… but that is such a drastic measure. Aside from being a moral issue, it could be dangerous to Cindy… I don’t think my conscience can take it…”

Tom turned to his wife, “Grace, it’s our only way out…. I don’t want this as much as you but the situation calls for us to be practical…”

Grace sat quietly on the edge of the bed. Suddenly, her face lit up. “Tom, how about adoption? Cindy would surely not mind…”

“Grace, that’s a good idea! Why did I not think of that? That was how we got her in the first place… ahh… I remember how we were supposed to adopt her for only a week, but then you fell in love with her and we decided to keep her…”

“Tom… why can’t you admit that it was you who fell in love with Cindy and refused to part with her…”

Tom ignored his wife. “Who could resist those doleful eyes… and when she sits on my lap and rubs her head on my chest…”

Grace mused. “Before the baby came, our life revolved around Cindy. We had happy moments together. We used to play Frisbee in the park, remember? But the most memorable experience we had was when we entered her in that beauty contest. I was very proud… she won hands down…”

“Even with that ridiculous pink ribbon you tied around her head….” He chuckled.

“Ridiculous! You didn’t think it was ridiculous then…..”

“Only after she won the grand prize…” Tom sat next to Grace. “Honey, I think we have been neglecting Cindy after the baby came. We had not been spending much time with her lately…”

“Yes… and it must have driven her next door…. to the arms of Mr. Smith. The least we could do now is to support her when she needs us most.”

The Delivery

“How is Cindy?” Grace asked as she gave her husband a cup of hot coffee.

“She’s alright. She’s resting now.”

“Was it a difficult delivery?”

“No… Dr. Mortiz said it was an easy one.” Tom said after he took a sip from the cup.

“How many?”


“Wow! Are they cute?”

“Why don’t you go and take a look?”

“No… I can’t. My heart will break when those people come and pick them up… When are they coming?”

“They’re on their way….” Tom placed his cup on the kitchen counter. “There’s one that looked like Cindy when we first got her.”


“Exactly like her…..”

Grace stared at Tom. “You want to keep it, don’t you?”

“Only if you want to… and it’s a ‘her’…”

“You had better bring in Cindy’s little puppy or those pet shop people would pick her up too.”

Tom was out of the kitchen in a flash.

© 2014 Virgo908


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