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Cindy The Teenaged Centipede

Updated on April 30, 2013
Cindy The Centipede
Cindy The Centipede | Source

Meet Cindy

©Adrienne Manson All rights reserved no parts of this content may be reproduced without the authors sole permission

Cindy was a rambunctious centipede. She loved to gather with her other friends in the local barn yards of the nearest town wherever they decided to camp out. Cindy was full of adventure, zest, and energy. She loved hanging around her friends Nate the exotic tapeworm, John the jumping grasshopper, and Randy the slick-neck centipede. Randy and Cindy would get together to plan all their adventures and tell Nate, and John about it later. Cindy was not crazy about Nate and John hanging out with her and Randy because they were not centipedes like they were.

One day Cindy was trying to talk Randy into ditching Nate and John when they go off on their next adventure. Cindy said to Randy, “Come on Randy let’s cut these losers loose they slow us down we can not travel as fast with them always tagging along.”

Meet John The Jumping Grasshoppers
Meet John The Jumping Grasshoppers | Source
Nate The Tapeworm
Nate The Tapeworm | Source

Randy did not like when Cindy talked mean. Randy always tried to stick up for John and Nate. Cindy was a bully. Although she was a girl she was tough and Randy was the timid one, but had a cool slick nature. Randy was easy going and light hearted. He loved to laugh and have a good time. Cindy and Randy were planning to take a cross country trip. Cindy wanted to leave John and Nate out. Randy wanted them to tag along. Cindy was trying to convince Randy they could cover more ground and miles without them stopping for John and Nate due to them having to stop and rest repeatedly. Cindy was supped up all the time never getting tired. Randy on the other hand liked traveling and enjoying all the scenery.

Cindy said to Randy, “Randy tell you what we will let them come on this trip but this is the last adventure for them coming with us.” Randy said to Cindy, “Thank God because it is more fun when they come even tough it takes us longer.”

Cindy and Randy met John and Nate at midnight by their usual spot at the camp grounds in Bushman’s Woods. Randy was the spokesperson because of his smooth style and calming voice. Randy said to the small group tapping his left claw on the ground as he spoke, “Listen up guys. We are starting our cross country trip at day break. Make sure you have all your things bundled together so we can head towards the high grounds before the hot sun rises.”

Randy wanted to cross over the mountains and see all the countryside but Cindy wanted to take all the flat land so she could meet other centipedes, and neighboring insects along their trip. Cindy and Randy had two different ideals of adventure Randy enjoyed the sights while Cindy was all about the social scene. Cindy looked for all the night crawlers to hang with so they could hit the sunset crawler clubs. Cindy did not tell Randy she wanted to hit the crawlers clubs, her way was to just try to persuade him to do it her way. Once again Randy agreed to go the route Cindy wanted. So they took the flat lands. Nate and John did not like the flat lands because it made the trip difficult for them to protect themselves against predators.

LueAnne The Ladybug
LueAnne The Ladybug

The first town they came to was LadybugVille Randy thought this was a cool place to stop. It was a town which was crawling with single ladybugs everywhere. Cindy was green with jealous because in LadybugVille she could not hold the attention and keep the focus on her. Randy hit all the hot spots in Ladybugville the tables turned and Randy was the center of attention. Nate and John just wiggled and hopped along for the fun of it. In one spot called, Ladybugs Roundup Randy was puckered out from hitting a coupled other clubs before. He really was not paying attention when one Ladybug came up to him, Lady LueAnne. She was cunning speaking sweet nothing to Randy in hopes of picking his pocket. She succeeded and Randy did not realize he was without his venom coins. The centipedes had two different types of coins, one for protecting themselves against other predators. The other coins were for spending on whatever they needed or wanted to buy. until he got to the next hot spot, Betty’s Ladybug Rubs. Randy went into a room to receive a ladybug rub when he reached under his claw to get a coin and he did not have any. Randy went into a panic he flew off the ladybug rub pad, and ran out of the establishment. He started scourging around the town to find Cindy. He wanted her help, and he wanted it fast!

Randy found Cindy over at the local Ladybug’s Pub Shot Throw Backs. Cindy was throwing back a few misqotes shots. Randy told Cindy what happened and she lost her centipede zing(buzz from her shots). Cindy was ready to find Ladybug LueAnne, and kick her Ladybug leggs off. Cindy went around to all the clubs in the town and put the word out that she was looking for Ladybug LueAnne. She did not tell anyone why she just put the word out. Ladybug LueAnne was found on the edge of town hanging out with Nate, and was about to pull the same con game on him. Cindy approached LueAnne and called her out into the middle of the town square to set things straight. Ladybug LueAnne knew she was busted, and started to sweat layers of ladybug perspiration.

LueAnne did not want to fight but Cindy rushed her, and jumped her and they were sprawling out right there in the dust road of the town square. Cindy was grabbing and searching in all of LueAnne's little deep pockets until she recovered Randy’s coins.

Cindy was proud of her ability to help her friend Randy regain what was wrongfully taken from him. Cindy told all the town people about LueAnne's ways so no one else would be taken advantage of.

After everyone had rested for the night, John the jumping grasshopper, Nate the tapeworm, Randy and Cindy continued their journey, and Cindy had a new outlook on the importance of friendship, and not just putting the emphasis on the journey of just having a journey to throw back a few mosquito shot in every passing town.

The moral of the story for parents and teens. Drinking is for adults, and teenagers should never take part in the activity of consuming alcoholic beverages. Although teenagers will sneak behind their parent's back, take note there is always a price to pay when breaking the law.


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  • adrienne2 profile imageAUTHOR

    Adrienne F Manson 

    6 years ago from Atlanta

    Thank you so much Blossom! The illustrations are from yahoo images, I did a cartoon search and found these were just what I was looking for.

  • BlossomSB profile image

    Bronwen Scott-Branagan 

    6 years ago from Victoria, Australia

    This was different. It had a good underlying moral. It's good to have a laugh and I loved the illustrations. Did you do them yourself? Voted up and funny.


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