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Cindy's Slipper

Updated on April 8, 2014
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Of course! Cindy gets married to the prince and then reporters need her life story. They think it isn’t juicy enough so they change everything! It all started in the 50’s when my sister Anastasia and I were only eight. Mother was lonely ever since our dear father died. One day, she met a wonderful man who had a daughter too! She seemed nice and always with her father. Mother and that man got married and we were happy for a while until one day, that man also passed away.

Cindy must have gotten bored or something because she became cruel and annoying. She knew Anastasia was extremely terrified of mice so she kept a few pet mice and put them in Anastasia’s room. Anastasia and I plotted against her and out fights gradually got worse. Mother finally had enough and assigned chores for each of us. When we turned 18, our family was invited to the prince’s ball. We were euphoric and extremely excited. Mother claimed we could go, as long as we finish all our chores. Anastasia and I finished on time while Cindy was still working on her chores. How dare she try to make us late! We left without her.

I was gazing at the prince during the party waiting for him to come my way and notice me. By the look of things so far, he was a real cat. Right when he was about to turn towards me, some lady arrived. The prince’s attention looked straight at that all show no go car as a young woman in a sleek, blue dress and powder white faux fur stepped out gently and acted as if the Prince was a normal person. They danced all night together to the song Comes Love with the sound of the sweet saxophone playing coolly in the background. The sound of the drums were nice, calm and the piano so smooth. I won’t forget that stylish song in a billion years. Suddenly, when the clock struck twelve, the mysterious woman stopped looking at the prince in adulation and dashed out the door. She had left without a good-bye (or a shoe for that matter). The prince looked everywhere trying to find the little lady, but no luck. It was time for my family and me to go so we said our thanks for the invite and left.

When we arrived at home, there she was, still sweeping the floors. She finally finished all her chores and we all went to bed. The next morning, as she was bringing us breakfast, BANG! She dropped the tray on the floor. Instead of cleaning up after herself, she was dancing around humming Comes Love. The same song that caught everyone’s attention at the ball and the first song the Prince and mystery woman danced to.

“Black magic. Black magic!!” I remember screaming at my mother. “We never had faux fur, that dress, or those slippers she wore!”

Ding dong ding dong, dong ding ding dong. The doorbell rang. With fear of Cindy and what her black magic can do, mother locked Cindy in her room. I went downstairs and opened the door. Outside was the shoemaker looking for the mystery woman. He rambled for a while about how he has never seen a gold slipper and how tiny this person’s feet were before Anastasia and I tried to put on the shoe. The shoe didn’t fit either of us no matter how hard we tried to jam our feet in.

Suddenly, Cindy came down the stairs and asked if she could try on the shoe. So many thoughts were racing through my head. She must have used her black magic to get out of her room. She was locked in for goodness sakes! Now what?! She’s going to try on the slipper and what if it fits? Out of nowhere, the slipper falls. Cling! A thousand pieces it becomes. Cindy reaches into her pocket and using her black magic, takes out another gold slipper.

With shock and amazement, the shoemaker informs the Prince about Cindy and the slipper. The Prince came to our house and asked for Cindy’s hand in marriage. With no surprise, she says yes. After the wedding, the newly weds were surrounded by a bunch of reporters asking about what happened. On their 60th birthday, they were starting to become very sick. Reporters then re-told their love story with a modern twist and now everyone seems to remember the new one. Which brings us here today, where I tell you the real story on Cindy and her Prince.

A Change of Perspective

If you guys have not yet noticed, this is my change in perspective of the Cinderella story. The original Grimm story of Cinderella jumps from narrator to first perspective of Cinderella. It tells about a young adoptive child who was forced to sleep in the cinders of the house, which is how she got the nickname Cinderella. There was a ball each night for three nights and Cinderella went without her step mother's and step sisters' knowledge. In a hurry to get home before her family did, she ran off each night. On the third night, the prince's father put something sticky on the staircase so that Cinderella would not run away. This is how she lost her gold shoe. The prince then searches for the person who fits this shoe size and gets married to Cinderella.

In this story, Cinderella was the victim and everything was in her favour. In the story I have written, it is a continuation. It reveals an alternate perspective of the same story, with the family being the victim of Cinderella's actions. This alternate I have written leans more towards the Disney's version of Cinderella since it is not gruesome like the Grimm story is.

© 2014 Dancia Susilo


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