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City of one:Book review

Updated on January 6, 2013

A memoir of Francine Cournos

In Francis Cournos Memo, city of one, we come across a struggling young girl who however defies all odds to become successful in life. Her father dies when she is merely three years of age. This leaves her with her mother who is pregnant with three other kids. The author narrates how the death of her father became the beginning of her sorrows afterwards. In the mean time, her mother again becomes diseased with cancer. This forced her to become both a caretaker of her siblings and her ill mother. It was another misfortune for Cournos to lose her mother at age 11. The refusal of her relatives to take care of them culminated into seeking foster care. This caused great emotional upset by girl to the point of not trusting anyone. In this book, Cournors also commemorates how her many relationship with the opposite sex soared. One of the reasons as to why she was consisted with such relationships however was the need for affection. After high school, she was interested in studying medicine and psychoanalysis. These courses were supposedly undertaken by her in order to understand the cause of diseases such as those that affected her parents and the latter as a form of self awareness. Even though she is now in what she considers a good marriage with children, she points out that these experiences left a huge impact on her life in physical and emotional perspectives.

Francine Cournos’ memo is a captivating story that may be appealing to many individuals, her life experience and struggles are well accounted. She talks about her experience when the father and mother died and also emotional feelings. In this way, she presents a clear picture of what anyone would pass through in such circumstance. Through an example of herself, she portrays how one can beat all such odds to become successful or to leave a happy life. This offers a good lesson to those people who may be devastated out there with such calamities and circumstances. It is a lesson such people ought not to lose hope and instead take on in life.

Cournos psychology and emotions may have been really triggered by her earlier life experience. Passing through one calamity to another according to many psychiatrists may amount to permanent or long term damage to ones emotions. Such undergoing by Cournos as in loosing both parents within a short time, Being forced to take care of her siblings at an early life, being neglected by relatives and thus seeking foster care, frequent failure of her relationships of the opposite sex and other situations had a potential causing great damage to her psychologically.

To clinicians and psychiatric personnel’s, the memoir by Cournos provides a further insight on the psychological and emotional aspects of neglected beings. Although many of such professionals understands different emotional aspects of beings in different circumstances, The book brings anew perspective towards these clinicians on the best way to handle such people in order to help them regain their lost self consciousness as well as redeveloper their lost ego. This is because handling such kind of people with severe background situations as as Cournos entails a different approach than with people from normal backgrounds.

The memoir by Cournos’ is an enlightening piece to many under such conditions on how to tackle painful issues in life such as the loss of parents. It is a good companion especially to those children who may be neglected by their relatives and who may be at a loss on what to do.

The book provides a lesson to relatives and other people not to neglect orphan children. Relatives who neglect such children may be surprised to find that those rise up to become successful later in life. Regardless of that, it’s everyone’s principal duty to protect and take care of orphaned children. In other words, all children belong to the society and we are all mandated to take care of them.

Another lesson derived from this book is that of self appreciation, when one starts feeling the worth of himself or herself that is the beginning of his or her life. By sharing her life’s lowest moments and what she went through as young girl in the book shows her appreciation and sense of worthiness. It is also a lesson to people to learn to share their experiences regardless of how worst they may seem, because the testimonies may be a support to others in similar situations. It also indicates that people should not despise themselves irrespective of the social dilemma encountered; being positive towards the aspect of life is paramount to success.


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