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City Cat

Updated on February 13, 2017

I'm vicious, consistent and a little bit sadistic.
Like silver duct tape, I'll take my focus and stick it.
Never going back, inside I've got this fire lit.
Flame straight to bong, burn down another hit.

Back to Boston, breathing in the city life.
Black cat prowling the wicked city at night.
Please just let me say it one more time;
With all these pieces gone I'm not afraid to die.

I've got another chance at a brand new life.
I'll cut deeper than your fuckin' sharpest knife.
Pack another bowl I need to slow my mind.
Look inside me, there will be hell to find.

I refuse to live my life according to my past.
Life's short like a postcard but I'll make it last.
Late night demons still haunt me while I sleep.
But I promise there's not a secret that I couldn't keep.

Photo of me
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