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Classic Indicators That You Have Lived Before

Updated on July 3, 2013

by Christine B.

Anyone who knows me or who has read my newsletters knows that reincarnation is a quintessential part of my beliefs. Not only have I done extensive research on the subject, but I have been hypnotically regressed several times to reveal many of my past lives. Because of these regressions, I remember some of my former lives vividly.

When I first began my serious research into the paranormal in the early 70s I rejected the concept of recantation because I had been raised Catholic. The more I read, however, the more I was convinced that I had indeed lived before. Questions about life that the nuns answered as “A mystery of faith” never worked for me. Finally, what I read about reincarnation gave me the answers that did make sense. The book that really pushed me over the edge to belief was Edgar Cayce’s “Edgar Cayce on Reincarnation. “ I highly recommend reading that book if you are the least bit interested in the subject.

So how do I know if I have lived before?

There are several clues you will have that you have lived before the life you are now living. They are so simple that you will say “Aha!” to at least one or two of them, I’m sure.

Your dreamsplay an important part in your discovery to a past life, especially those you had that reoccurred as a child. Children often have vivid memories of their past lives because they are still very close to them physically. If you have had a reoccurring dream where you were someone else in an environment that is not a part of your

present existence, that is very likely a past life memory.

Déjà vu experiences can be another indicator. For instance, you finally go on vacation to the place in the world you have always wanted to see. (That’s another indicator, by the way. There is a reason why you have always wanted to travel to a specific place in the world.) While you are in this foreign place you begin to have memory flashes of a life you lived there as someone else. Or you remember how to get from one place to another when you have never been in that place before in this lifetime. There’s usually a “trigger” associated with a place or an event that will bring up the past life memory.

Unexplained Phobias and Fears are definitely past life related, especially if you cannot connect the condition with anything that has happened to you in this lifetime. Most of us have lived many lives and have gone through just about everything there is to go through. That’s the whole point of reincarnation—to experience everything there is to experience and to overcome.

Sometimes the only way to alleviate the fear is to be regressed to find out from where it stems. Once you understand it, you can overcome it.

An affinity for a place or a foreign culture is another sign that you have lived a life that encompassed your passion for it. Do you love to watch movies about Queen Elizabeth set in England, or any movie that takes place in France, Germany, or Japan? Are you a Civil War (USA) enthusiast—and do you perform reenactments in former battlefields? Do you go and get dressed up for local Renaissance Fairs? If you think about the things you are most attracted to you will have hints as to where you lived and what you did in a former life.

Talents and proclivities toward certain jobs at a young age is also a clue. Can you play the piano or other musical instrument by ear? If so you probably played that instrument in a past life and you subconsciously remember how to play it now. This is especially true with young people who have an explainable talent. They are so good at it because they had the same talent in a past life. If you were a carpenter in a past life you might be drawn again to carpentry in this life. If you were a mountain man in a former incarnation, you might be a trapper in this lifetime, even though it might be a dying trade. I would venture to say that everyone who attends Mountain Man Festivals was once a mountain man, or was close to one.

What are your passions? What do you shy away from? These are more cues for you to think about. Are you obsessed with model trains, flying an airplane, dancing, gardening, etc.? These passions have probably come from your past life experiences. Do you stay away from crowds, certain foods, types of people, areas of the country, etc.? More clues! As an example, I’m not a fan of the south (USA). Aside from the weather being much hotter in that area of the country, I am not found of the general mind set of southerners. (The fact that I cannot take hot weather is an indication to me that I have lived in mostly cooler climates.) I also remember being a member house of the Under-ground Railroad in the 1800's when I lived in Maine. So, my disdain for slavery and bigotry in this lifetime stems from that experience. That also explains my overwhelming obsession to live in Maine in this lifetime.

Unfortunately, another sign of what you did in a past lifetime might be any uncontrolled habits you might have. For instance, gambling, hording, finger nail biting, or laziness can all be things that you experienced in a past life, didn’t handle well and did not overcome, so you must experience them again to try to do better this time. That is the dark side of reincarnation . . . if you didn’t learn the lesson in one life, you are doomed to repeat t until you do get it right.

If you are experiencing pain in a certain area of your body, but you can’t account for it that could be a residual memory of an injury you had in a past life. Hypochondriacs might be people with exceptionally good memories of former pain. A condition you are afflicted with in this life might not be only a pure learning experience, but it could be that you were unkind to someone with the same affliction in another lifetime. Karmic payback is often a hard pill to take! Birthmarks can also be residual signs of past afflictions.

Sexual orientation can also be an indicator of a man being a woman in a past life and not being able to handle the change in this one, (or visa-versa.) If you were a woman in your last six lifetimes and you end up being a man in this one, that’s bound to through you for a loop in many areas.

If you make a list of all these things you will be amazed at what you can discover about your past lives. Or, go to a reputable hypnotherapist and unlock your past life memories. It worked for me!


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    • Lavender Jade profile image

      Lavender Jade 4 years ago from Derbyshire

      This is really interesting, this sort of thing has always interested me.

      A really interesting read.

    • LABrashear profile image

      LABrashear 4 years ago from My Perfect Place, USA

      Interesting theories.I once went to a reading for fun with my friends. The lady started telling me about several pasts I lived. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but she made it all sound interesting for sure! Well done and voted up!