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Classic Kid's Books - The Story of Babar

Updated on September 22, 2017
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Sheila's a kids' picture book author. She loves to share her moving children's stories with her readers!

 Have you seen Babar the Elephant Stroll By?
Have you seen Babar the Elephant Stroll By? | Source

Babar, the Polite, Magnanimous King

The story of Babar is a moving children’s picture book story designed for youngsters in the early grades. The volume was written by renowned French author Jean De Brunhoff in the early 1930s and translated by Merle S. Haas in the 60s. There are approximately twenty-eight Babar storybooks to boot. Each one is well crafted, and contrived to please! Today, classical music, cartoons, and plays have been created in the name of Babar's high tale.

Babar Ran Away from Home and His Mother Was Killed

Babar was a fine elephant who was born in a vast forest. His mother loved him enormously and she would rock him to sleep while singing to him. As Babar grew, he would play with other little elephants and dig in the sand with his shell. One day, while rallying along his mother’s back a hunter shot at them and unfortunately killed his mother. Babar ran away and came to a delightful town. He saw houses, automobiles, and buses and noticed how well dressed the people were.

He especially took note of two gentlemen standing on the street and he yearned to wear some fine clothes. An Old Lady understood his predicament and she handed him her purse to shop in the fancy French boutiques. He came to an immense department store and rode the elevator up and pile approximately ten times. A greeter declared the elevator was not a toy and ordered him to shop playing.

Babar Proudly Took a Picture with An Old Lady

Babar then purchased a derby hat, a suit, shoes along with a shirt and tie. He had his picture proudly taken and dined with an Old Lady. She looked after him and he exercised with her and held on her company. She gauged him whatever he desired and left him to drive her automobile. Besides, lessons of math, he cajoled by her and raved about his life story in the grand woods.

Babar often wept, when he remembered his mother and longed to play with his kin, friends, and monkeys. One day, after two years passed, Babar saw his cousins Arthur and Celeste. He greeted and kissed them and he went to buy them some fine clothes. They ate delicious cakes at a confectionery, while his cousin’s parents searched frantically for them. And old marabou bird finally came to recount that he has seen Celeste and Arthur and their mothers' scampered into town to fetch them. Babar decided to return to his forest home and the Old Lady helped him pack. There was no room for her in the motorcar. She sadly pondered when she will ever see Babar again.

Babar is considerate of his friends.
Babar is considerate of his friends. | Source

Babar Received a Coronation and Became Engaged to Celeste

The King of the elephants had eaten a poisoned mushroom, died and the oldest elephants were in need of a new emperor. Fortunately, Babar, Celeste, and Arthur came strolling in and the elephants marveled over their car and fancy apparel. Babar received a coronation and he became engaged to Celeste. They delivered a grand marriage and Babar selected a fine general for his excellent ideas. All the beast of the forest graced the wedding and everyone danced. The new King and Queen were in dire need of further adventures and so they set out to enjoy their honeymoon in a hot air balloon.

In Paris Babar Is in Need of Clothes.

A Snake Bit the Old Lady

In subsequent picture books, in particular, Babar the King, Babar built an elegant elephant city named Celesteville named after his queen. He possessed an interesting escapade. And he presented a gift to each elephant along with serviceable work clothes including elegant garb for the holidays. They each were given a particular task at the break of the day, according to their skills. The elephant children attended school with the Old Lady teacher who found her way to Babar.

On Sundays, everyone has a blast in an entertainment park. Everything was dainty in the city until an inquisitive snake bit the Old Lady. And a friend’s house was set ablaze from a match that was believed thrown in an ashtray. The Old Lady and friend were eventually consoled and Babar dreamt of winged elephants chasing goblins away from his city. Since that dreadful night, everyone has been cheerful over in elephant country.

Babar loves to share.
Babar loves to share. | Source

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