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Clean Souls

Updated on February 23, 2012
My Grandson Lachie
My Grandson Lachie
Son Adam with daughter Lily
Son Adam with daughter Lily
Daughter Emma with daughter Ella
Daughter Emma with daughter Ella

Clean Souls

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Time’s monotony marks our lives with scars,

our eyes revealing the depths of experience.

Young and naive, eyes are bottomless dark pools,

pure and unpolluted by toxic strife.

Eyes unclothe the harsh disparity,

the lowness of pain’s struggle.

Revealing all that is free and captive,

our eyes cannot but convey truth.

How I love to see clarity in my children’s eyes,

What has torn them in life not evident,

the pure waters of the soul unaffected.

Unscathed, their eyes are a reflection of understanding.

How lost I become in their gaze,

having learned what I have not.

Their lives a testament to righteous living,

souls clean and enduring.

They are my life, my never-ending life,

children carrying my optimism beyond me.

Their precious souls alive with hopes,

and the acceptance of life’s will.

Deep is their commitment, their loyalty,

and I in awe of their adeptness, their achievement.

In their eyes I see myself, cleansed by life,

and I rejoice their being and remain thankful for love.


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