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Cliff Edge House

Updated on December 29, 2013

Just had a weekend down in Robin Hood's Bay,

In a house on a cliff edge

That one day may slip away.

Predictions may vary

From five to fifty years.

For the owner it may, all end in tears.

For now though its safe,

And children are happy to play

They run and play chase,

And enjoy a January day.

Its a warm, cosy house

A place to get a way,

From the hustle and bustle,

Of your working day.

Long walks along the beach,

Looking for fossils and shells

Children playing games of hide and go seek.

The house, I am sure has stories to tell.

It's the house on the cliff edge,

Down in Robin Hood's Bay.

I hope that it has many years

Before it slips away.

Patricia Ann Ward 24/1/12


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