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Clockwork Angel

Updated on August 29, 2017


Clockwork Angel is a novel written by Cassandra Clare. It's the first book of the series Infernal Devices. It takes place in London. Tessa Gray, a 16-year-old travels to London where upon her arrival is kidnapped by Mysterious Sisters who torture her. She is saved by the group of people who call themselves Shadowhunters. Their job is to protect the human kind by killing demons and Downworlders. They save Tessa not knowing that she is one of the Downworlders-but she doesn't know either. Her amazing power is to transform into any person. She starts living with the Shadowhunters in the London Institute as a part od a deal - they will help her find her brother, as long as she uses her powers to help the Shadowhunters. While there she realizes that she my have to choose between saving her brother and saving the world. Which will she choose?

Why should you read it?

The book is amazing. It is a teen novel, but I think everyone who loves science fiction/fantasy will fall in love with the book as much as I did. Cassandra Clare describes love in a new way, by creating a new world. The book will make you realize that sometimes the people you think you hate are not that bad, maybe they are not even the bad guys. I also loved the book because of Tessa, who is a badass (in a good way), but she is also what you would normally consider a kind of an enemy. I definitely recommend it to everyone ;)


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