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Close Your Eyes and Rest

Updated on July 28, 2011

Place your head on this soft pillow
And slowly close your eyes…

Gently erase everything…
And take a deep breath…

Breathe in and out
And take yourself to a beautiful place I want you to go…

Green grass easily flow by the breeze..
Dancing trees wave beyond the wind…

August leaf falling
Gently down…touching the ground

Waterfall falling kissing the water stream
Glittering crystal shine by the reflection of the sun…

An angel appear from the sky
She gently touches you
And smile…

She bless you with peace..
Yes, with peace

Now take a deep breath
Breathe in and out…

And may your stress gone by tonight
May it disappear far into the night

As you close your eyes…
In this imaginary place…

Rest your mine and go to this imaginary place
Let all you stress go free

By tomorrow I promise…
Your mind will be peace


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