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Clouds of Gray

Updated on November 5, 2012

In the Rain

Clouds of gray were closing in

on where the sun was

a shadow in the loop.

The drizzle was occurring

before it happened upon me ...

And the chill appeared first

where I felt a flush

beneath the bone, inside my back

and continued to caress

unto my lips curling inward

at the breath I took

to ward off what impacted between

a moments resfulness

and wakefulness and,

the slightest steps forth

were completely beneath me

before I took them yonder

and hither to

the appraoch to mend

and smoldered inward

hence, the thought

to fend it off

and move forward

beyond reproach.

My hand, like a feather

between the creases of

what holds, what minds

what finds and adores that.

Inside that swift stroke,

bold and incorporating

the next sensation

before what is said, or told.


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