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Updated on September 15, 2012
They are too cute!
They are too cute! | Source
Sorry, I had to post this.
Sorry, I had to post this. | Source

Clove and Katniss Shipper

Well, here it goes folks. This is my attempt at creating a Clovniss following because at the moment I feel like I'm the only nerd that supports this couple. Can you blame me? These two rising actresses have a certain chemistry when it came to their fight scene in the movie. When I I first watched The Hunger Games in the movies with my (kicking and screaming) older sister, I was literally on the edge of my seat, cradling the tub of popcorn against me like a baby, and staring wide-eyed at the large theater screen. Then, the moment came, the scene where Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) nearly got knifed by Clove (Isabelle Fuhrman). I laughed, I cried, but I mostly squealed like the nerdy fan girl that I am.

I have to admit, at first I didn't think anything of the two together, but after seeing the movie adaptation of The Hunger Games for the first time, I couldn't help thinking the girl who played Clove, portrayed by the lovely Isabelle Fuhrman is cute. Okay, so she only just turned fifteen, but I'm a woman myself, so it makes it less creepy and pedophile-ish - I simply adore her is all. Whatever, enough about my own creepiness, but I cannot deny my shipping inspiration comes from how absolutely brilliant Isabelle is as Clove! Overall, the couple has a lot of potential for fans of the series to write their own stories with. I know I have already.

As awesome as Isabelle Fuhrman is, let us take a step back and not forget to offer some accolades to the much-deserving, amazing actress, Jennifer Lawrence, who plays our beautiful heroine, Katniss Everdeen. She did an excellent job convincing the fans to look past the physical differences between herself and the character. Many complained and moaned in despair once they caught wind of Jennifer Lawrence being cast as Katniss, but not I - I had faith in her. Ever since seeing Winter's Bone, I knew Miss Lawrence was hand-made by the gods to play Katniss. A bit excessive? Too much praise? Well, everyone has a right to an opinion, whether I like it or not. In my opinion, Jeniffer Lawrence was the perfect Katniss. I cannot wait to see what future projects these amazing actresses will do next. I will be waiting eagerly while watching The Hunger Games over, and over, and over again! Farewell and...


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