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Coal to Diamond - A Poem

Updated on January 7, 2016
“I want to give you a lump of coal for Christmas
And to tell you that in a million years it will be a diamond;
Will you wait with me until then?”
To be the last on Earth with you would be like
Being the first in line for a rollercoaster.
With my gut twisting and turning,
And my heart leaping from my chest,
As my heart rate skyrockets with my jaw hitting the floor...
I stare at you,
With eyes that of a child in a toy store,
I cannot wait to take you home and play with you.
To spend countless joyous hours relaying to you
All the splendor that make up your being.
And do not tell me you’re not beautiful;
Like a spell cast down you are bewitching,
Captivating sailors like the Sirens of Odyssey;
But I, Odysseus, alone carefully tread past
The shallowness of their fate that is merely skin-deep;
I journey alone to find the Northern Star that guides me home...
And that’s you.
Even if you can’t, you possess something that everyone can see.
A radiance that allows the deaf to hear with their eyes,
And the blind to see with you their hands,
You fill their hearts with unconditional kindness
That transcends the darkness that lurks around every corner in your life.
And there I’ll be...
With every step you take your shadow will race me to be at your side,
And it will lose..
Because not a day goes by that I don’t strive to be next to you,
With your hand in mine as we sit and watch time fly by;
It seems like just yesterday I lied down in the darkness with my phone by my side
Waiting for the text that I thought would never come,
Yet as I closed my heavy eyes to slumber
I feel the vibration of your unconditional kindness beside me.
And to this day I feel a vibrant tug on my arm,
Pulling me along as days turn to months.
And as months turn to years and our color turns to gray,
I will still see you as beautiful;
Even in the darkness just before the light,
When my eyesight goes and I cannot find my glasses,
I’ll extend a hand to touch you;
And if you are too far out of reach,
When time no longer flies by
And the days turned to months turn to eternity...
I will wait for you,
For a million years.
And even if I had to wait in line until I could ride it again,
I would. In a heartbeat, I would
Take that cart to its peak, sitting atop of the world,
As my life flashes before my eyes,
There you’ll be...
With your hand out-reached and waiting for me,
To turn your coal to diamond.


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