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Coastal Virginia

Updated on January 31, 2019
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I am a single mother who enjoys cooking and traveling with my teenage son.

Our road trips to my "almost home" Coastal Virginia

I will start off by saying this; our road trips from Illinois formerly known as "Home" to the Virginia Beach area were the most beautiful we have experienced so far. The drive is not for the faint of heart. We've traveled down there once a year for a week for the past 2 years and both times took between 14 and 15 hours, add in the time change to East Standard Time that happens around Butt F*@k Egypt Indiana and the border of Kentucky.

Our first trip there was one for the books. The journey itself was memorable as I played a game of Russian Roulette with my exhaustion levels. Many wondered why not fly? But had they seen the fog circling around the Appalachian Mountains while the sun was rising, I think they would understand. I don't care if you have iPhone 25, pictures do not do the beauty of the mountains justice. Long road trips give my life more purpose. What else am I working so hard for?

If you aren't a fan of driving in the mountains this trip is not for you. Between Kentucky, all of West Virginia, and Northern Virginia you are in the mountains for at least 6 solid hours. Chew gum or you won't be able to hear your teenager tell you to turn off the British Pop music from the 1980s. The last time we were there (this past March) there were snowcapped mountains in West Virginia and Northern Virginia. Again, pictures didn't do it justice.

Of course we had a purposeful trip, it was not just to see the beauty of this part of America, but to visit a friend who is now one of my best, and her children whom we both adore.

You have to be careful where you stop in West Virginia, especially if you are black. Our first time on our way down, we encountered a man that looked like the character Shaw from the movie Open Season at a gas station where everyone looked down when they saw us and was really quiet. I of course stood right outside of the bathroom and followed my son who is half a foot taller than me everywhere; but if my black son is a target you will have to take Mama Bear down first. "Shaw" didn't have much to say to us but did forewarn us " You're in the Hills now". To me that translated to, get the hell on" fill in the blank". It was at that time, I thought I probably should be carrying a gun on these road trips. I mean, I was properly trained on how to shoot guns. But I relied on my faith in God to see us through.

Anyways, the Shaw character experience was just 1% of our overall experience of our journey to Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Newport News. Our first memorable experience once we entered the VA Beach area was the under the ocean tunnel. Very interesting experience. You see the Atlantic Ocean on both sides and then boom you're hearing it.

Speaking of the ocean, the first home my friend lived in was located in Norfolk so she was in walking distance of Oceanview Beach where I spent most mornings having coffee and the evenings being afraid of bird attacks while Micah belly laughed at me. We also spent time at the board walk shopping and quickly discovered our favorite Virginia beach; Sandbridge Beach. The water is turquoise and the waves are fierce and sort of just engulf your body if you dare run up to them. Pretty dangerous but as my granddaddy always said, "If the good Lord sees fit" we'll make it out of our risky adventures safe and sound.

Norfolk is a city filled with an amorous amount of Naval History and drivers that will run your ass off the road in a heartbeat. So bring your East Coast driving skills along with you.

The dolphin cruise brought on even more memories as we cruised the Atlantic with slushie rum drinks in hand (not my son) and watched as dolphins showed off in the sparkly blue ocean.

The second trip proved to be similar except our beach adventures were cut short due to the weather being quite chilly. By this time our friend had moved to Newport News and we were able to enjoy not only what that city had to offer (War museums) but the close by Yorktown which had a beach we could hike on and enjoy our Dora and Diego explorations. And that we did. The area we hiked was the Battlegrounds where the French invaded us back. And that's all I will say about that to avoid misinforming you. My son is more of the history buff out of the two of us.

Our last time down, I did sneak in some Virginia night life with the ladies. It proved to be quite interesting as I experienced going under the underwater bridge at night. The nightlife did not differ from St. Louis greatly except an older man and girl in her 20s had sex at the bar literally in front of everyone and when I was jamming to Nelly everyone looked at me like why are you rocking so hard to some old Nelly? Because...I don't know...I'm from the Lou and I'm proud?? Maybe?? Back to the hot sex at the wasn't quite the porno scene you freaks may be imagining in your head but a low key romp of sorts that almost went unnoticed. Point is, they're a bit more risky than the Midwest in that regards. UNLESS you're at PTs or Pops in Sauget Illinois. But no really, if you tried that shit at a regular old bar in Illinois a bouncer would drag you and your horny ass out extremely quick.

Our adventures to Virginia are far from over. Unfortunately, I can't justify driving from Texas to Virginia, so we will probably fly from here on out. I have no doubt we will have just as many or more fun adventures each time we visit.

Coastal Virginia offers some attributes of the South but more so has an East Coast flavor. Coastal Virginia owes us nothing.


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      10 months ago

      Thank you so much for your feedback. I will add photos very soon!

    • Eurofile profile image

      Liz Westwood 

      10 months ago from UK

      This is an interesting account. Breaking it up into sections and adding photos would help.


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